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Processed Foods Leading To Reduced Gut Microbiome Diversity
April 17, 2015 | HumanBody | M.Chan
Western diet and lifestyles consisting of fast and processed foods are leading to a lower diversity of bacteria in the gut, say researchers.

Canada and Russia Top Deforestation List, More Than Any Other Country In The World
April 16, 2015 | Sustainability | K.Bergman
Russia and Canada are leading the world when it comes to tree cover loss according to an analysis of 2013 high-resolution satellite-based data by researchers at the University of Maryland and Global Forest Watch.

What Is Dyslexia And Can It Be Treated Naturally?
April 16, 2015 | MentalHealth | E.Dahl
Dyslexia, also known as a reading disorder or alexia, is a learning difficulty characterized by trouble reading, despite a normal intelligence. Different people are affected to different degrees. Problems may include sounding out words, spelling words, reading quickly, writing words, pronouncing words when reading aloud, and understanding what was read. Often, these difficulties are first noticed at school. The difficulties are not voluntary, and people with this disorder have a normal desire to learn.†

Kale, Hemp, and Avocado Smoothie Recipe
April 15, 2015 | Nutrition | B.Kim
This smoothie is an excellent choice for times when you're looking to cleanse and feel light but still need enough substance to propel you through a busy day.

Manipulated Mind, Manipulated Illusions
April 14, 2015 | GovernmentAbuse | B.Livingston
Life and happiness in this life under any system directly depend upon how much our individuality (versus the crowd) is retained and to what extent we throw off manipulated illusions.

Gardasil Vaccine Now Promoted To 12-Year Old Boys For Mouth and Throat Cancers To Double The Market
April 14, 2015 | Vaccines | D.Mihalovic
What's the best way to attract new patients for a vaccine heavily marketed to only girls? Why open up the market to boys of course. The HPV vaccine is possibly the biggest vaccine hoax in the last century being nothing more than a worldwide exercise in profiteering at the expense of children's health. Another massively flawed study (basically routine for the HPV vaccine) will give Gardasil manufacturer, Merck & Co., the green light to once again create a vaccine awareness campaign on the pretext that it prevents mouth and throat cancers.

10 Reasons To Sleep Naked
April 13, 2015 | Sleep | K.Foster
From a deeper sleep to boosting skin health and even reducing body fat, there is more than one reason you should be sleeping naked.

Inventor Creates A Human-Powered Vehicle To Take The Treadmill Outdoors
April 13, 2015 | Sustainability | A.McCarthy
The Lopifit is not an electric bike, itís not a scooter, itís not a treadmill. Itís all three combined and could revolutionize the way we think about electric scooter transport.

Large Scale Study Verifies That Low Vitamin D Levels Are Linked To Depression
April 10, 2015 | Sunlight | M.Chan
In the absence of vitamin D, many diseases increase by 1000 percent, especially in the winter months. Low levels of the sunshine vitamin is liked with significant cognitive impairment and widespread chronic pain. According to a recent Finnish population study, higher vitamin D levels have a lower risk of depression according to results from over 5000 people.

4 Oils To Avoid And The Healthiest Oil That Research Proves Does Wonders For Your Belly Fat and Health
April 9, 2015 | Nutrition | J.Carney
I've run across some very interesting studies recently on the relationship between coconut oil (or any type of coconut fat, including coconut milk and cream) and how it can affect your body fat.

Which Path Would You Like To Take In Your Life?
April 9, 2015 | Consciousness | J.Richardson
There are so many paths we can take in life. Whether yours is one of freedom, excitement, privacy, or among many others, how we project what we seek defines us. It makes us who we are. Our intention creates our reality and we manifest every second of our experiences. Here are just six of many paths you can take. Which one will you choose?


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