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Food Is Your Medicine, Not Pills
January 31, 2013 | Healing | M.Pochelli
Not just a few, but all diseases can heal with the correct diet and absolutely no medication. Your body is capable of handling and recovering from any ailment provided you give it the appropriate terrain to heal. Supplements may at times be beneficial, but your true medicine is food and always has been.

Two Raw Donut Recipes: Raw Chocolate Donut Bits and Raw Mango Sunflower Energy Balls
January 30, 2013 | Nutrition | K.Foster
Who ever said donuts had to be fried and filled with sugar to be tasty never tried these. Raw donut recipes are all the rage, filled with nutritious, health promoting ingredients. I dare you to just have one.

Pomegranates May Help You Eat More Than 20 Percent Less
January 29, 2013 | Nutrition | M.Chan
Pomegranates are recognized as a rich source of antioxidants. Therefore, it helps to protect your body's cells from free radicals, which cause premature aging. And now pomegranate appears to have an extra benefit - it reduces your need to eat more.

Why Do Humans Still Drink Milk?
January 28, 2013 | Nutrition | M.Torres
Perhaps because the government tells us to. Today's processed milk is far from healthy and is essentially a dead liquid, devoid of any real nutritional value. Raw milk is a step up in nutrition since it's not put through the violent heating stages of its conventional counterpart and retains the nutrient values that nature intended. However, do we really need to drink any milk of any kind from another species besides our own?

Cannabis: A Powerful Therapy To Reduce Chronic Medications and Prevent Disease
January 27, 2013 | Healing | M.Torres
Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive part of cannabis plant has been proven medically to relieve many diseases including the inhibition of cancer cell growth. Recent studies have even shown it to be an effective atypical anti-psychotic in treating schizophrenia, a disease many other studies have inconsistently found it causing. There is little doubt now that cannabis is gaining strong ground as a valid therapy and the government engine which criminalizes the plant is find less support by the day. Cannabis offers relief where medications fail and the benefits are overwhelming.

Raw Zucchini Pasta With Marinara Sauce
January 25, 2013 | NaturalLiving | N.Longo
If you like raw vegetable pastas, one of the greatest inventions ever made are spiral slicers. Interested in cutting out the carbs from pasta without giving up your favorite pasta dish? This recipe is for you.

In The Absence of Vitamin D From Sunlight, Disease Increases More Than 1000 Percent
January 25, 2013 | Sunlight | M.Chan
There is unfortunately a large emphasis in current vitamin D research that overstates the benefits of vitamin D supplementation on the conclusions of studies conducted on UV exposure from the sun. Such disparities in reporting have obviously increased the supplement market for this valuable nutrient, however vitamin D from sunlight exposure and supplementation may not be interchangeable in terms of effectiveness.

Why Using Sunscreen Leads To Mental Health Disorders and Critical Illness
January 23, 2013 | Sunlight | M.Torres
Mainstream science is absolutely addicted to demonizing the sun and blaming its beautiful rays as the primary cause of skin cancer. Despite our presence on Earth for countless millennia and the fact that people closest to the equator have the lowest incidence of skin cancer, the sun is always cast as the culprit. Worse yet is believe still fall for this nonsense, slather on the sunscreen in hopes to protect against this non-existent foe. Meanwhile, a growing body of evidence shows that blocking the sun's rays from reaching our skin dramatically influences our optimal vitamin D levels, leading to higher mortality, critical illness, mental health disorders and ironically, cancer itself.

Perfecting Naturopathy and Escaping the Dangers of Drugs
January 22, 2013 | NaturalLiving | A.Pablo
Medicine has come a long way since the ancient Greeks and Egyptians began experimenting with cures for common ailments. These days there are pills for everything from the common cold or a headache to high blood pressure, cholesterol and even depression. Unfortunately, however, many doctors today have begun so preoccupied with treating the symptoms that they fail to address the real cause of the illness.

Raw Honey Garlic Lemon Shots: A Simple Recipe To Supercharge Your Immune System
January 21, 2013 | Healing | N.Longo
One criticism often received by recipes involving cooked onions, garlic and other alliums is that the heating process destroys much of the allicin that leads to its protective effects. While this is partially true, knowing how to optimize garlic before eating it raw or cooked will maximize garlic enzymes and give them the best chance to survive meal preparation. I'll share a very simple recipe to use regularly during the cold and flu season that will supercharge your immune system.

Kiwi Orange Coconut Flu Busting Smoothie
January 21, 2013 | Healing | J.Summerly
There's little that tastes better than a fresh fruit smoothie in the morning. They do wonders for the immune system and if you pack them with the right ingredients, they can supercharge your ability to not only prevent colds and flu, but shorten their duration when you're symptomatic. Here is an incredible smoothie recipe that is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Garlic Soup Made With 52 Cloves of Garlic Can Defeat Colds, Flu and Even Norovirus
January 20, 2013 | Healing | J.Summerly
Forget the flu shot. A soup based on more than 50 cloves of garlic, onions, thyme and lemon will destroy almost any virus that enters its path including colds, flu and even norovirus.

Your Sense of Gratitude Is Enhanced By Your Level of Sleep
January 20, 2013 | Happiness | M.Torres
We all have to appreciate what we have more and value it. Great wisdom comes from counting our positives and being grateful for all the good things and people in our lives. We all know that getting a good nightís sleep is good for our general health and well-being. But new research is highlighting a more surprising benefit of good sleep: more feelings of gratitude for relationships.

New Data Shows Lycopene Reduces Heart Disease Up To 26 Percent
January 18, 2013 | Antioxidants | M.Chan
Adding to the accumulating evidence on the benefits of lycopene, a new study from Tufts and Boston University says increased intakes of the phytochemical are associated with a reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.

People With Power Perceive Wrongdoing With Less Ambiguity Than People Lacking Power
January 18, 2013 | Happiness | A.McCarthy
Most companies are ruled by a specific power structure and the only reason it works is because there are those that feel subservient and do not question those they report to. Employees are often shocked by what they think is a supervisorís severe reaction to a subordinateís seemingly minor transgression. The supervisors who punish them seem to be so absolutely sure that they are doing the right thing--they have a clear sense of purpose and there are no arguments to sway them. However, new research find that providing a sense of power to someone instills a black-and-white sense of right and wrong (especially wrong). Once armed with this moral clarity, powerful people then perceive wrongdoing with much less ambiguity than people lacking this power, and punish apparent wrong-doers with more severity than people without power would.

The Health of Trees and The Natural World Is Closely Linked To Our Own State of Health
January 17, 2013 | NaturalLiving | K.Foster
As a species, we're just beginning to recognize that the environment is vital to our health. The need to reduce acid rain emissions, stop dumping hazardous wastes, and slow down deforestation needs be addressed from the perspective of people's health. Evidence is increasing from multiple scientific fields that exposure to the natural environment can improve human health.

People Who Are More Optimistic Have Greater Concentrations of Veggie Nutrients In Their Blood
January 17, 2013 | Antioxidants | N.Longo
Carotenoids are organic pigments that are found in plant based foods. Animals are not able to manufacture carotenoids on their own. Research at the Harvard School of Public Health has shown that People who have high blood levels of carotenoids also tend to be more optimistic about the future.

Eating Blueberries and Strawberries Weekly Slashes Heart Attack Risk By 33 Percent
January 16, 2013 | Antioxidants | M.Chan
High levels of phytochemicals and antioxidants naturally occurring in blueberries and strawberries reducing the risk factors of many ailments including cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Three or more servings of blueberries and strawberries per week may slash a woman's risk of a heart attack by as much as 33%, says a new study from Harvard.

Low Salt Diets Do Not Decrease Blood Pressure, Period
January 11, 2013 | Nutrition | D.Mihalovic
This myth has to end. Those of us in the natural health industry continue to be shocked at the amount of people who still believe the unsubstantiated opinions of so-called experts who demonize salt. Reducing salt is a long-standing recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which they say is as critical to long-term health as quitting cigarettes. Really? Let me explain why, just as many other recommendations that come out of the CDC, this one is misguided and misinformed at best.

Researchers Discover Supplements Used Thousands of Years Ago
January 10, 2013 | Antioxidants | J.Summerly
People have used the active ingredients in dietary supplements for thousands of years to help health and to treat illness. For example, people have used willow bark tea for centuries to control fever. Now, Italian researchers have uncovered zinc food supplements aimed to treat eye problems from a shipwreck off the coast of Tuscany dating back more than 2000 years ago.

Vitamin B6 and B2 Reduce Colon Cancer Risk By 20 Percent
January 5, 2013 | Antioxidants | M.Chan
Increased intakes of vitamin B6 and riboflavin (B2) are associated with a 20% reduction in the risk of colorectal cancer, says a new study.

Gazpacho Helps Lower Blood Pressure
January 4, 2013 | Antioxidants | Editor
Regular consumption of cold gazpacho soup can help to battle high blood pressure and cut heart disease risk, say researchers.

Women Lacking The Sunshine Vitamin Twice As Likely To Deliver Low Birth Weight Babies
January 3, 2013 | Sunlight | M.Chan
There are very strong correlations between vitamin D and the reduced incidence of disease in adults. There are also significant links between birth weight and the role in adult health. Now researchers say women deficient in vitamin D early in their pregnancies are twice as likely to deliver babies with lower birth weights.


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