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Generations Were Raised To Believe Processed Fruit Juice Was Health Food When It's Actually Junk Food
June 30, 2014 | Nutrition | N.Longo
There was a time when fruit juices were marketed as the ultimate health drink. A glass of sunshine packed with vitamins and energy. However, one of the great scams of the industrial food cartel is the so-called "fresh" juices sold in supermarkets. Many of these "fresh" juices can be stored for a year, so how fresh are they?

Compelling Evidence That Low Levels of Vitamin D Have a Causal Role In Development of High Blood Pressure
June 29, 2014 | Sunlight | M.Chan
New international research published in Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology has shown that low levels of Vitamin D is not only correlated with hypertension, but actually one of the causes.

7 Reasons To Stop Eating Bread
June 27, 2014 | Nutrition | N.Longo
Bread is almost sacred in many cultures and society, but processed breads today are not what they were forty years ago. More than 70 percent of people who eliminate bread cold turkey experience an immediate weight loss within the first two weeks. It is wrongly placed at the bottom of our food pyramid, which is taught to children in schools from a very young age. Some of these children grow up to be registered dieticians and promote the same nonsense. Processed grains in breads are unnecessary and even harmful to most metabolic types. Here's why.

The Most Natural Organic Pool You Can Build Yourself
June 26, 2014 | NaturalLiving | A.McCarthy
There are many reasons to avoid chlorinated pools, most of all due to your health and the environment. Natural Pools allow nature to provide hygienic water for swimming. The vibrant ecology of plants and animals condition the water so there is no need for any chemical disinfectants. These pools are healthy for people and wildlife. In fact the water quality in a natural pool is so good, many are well within drinking water standards.

How To Do A Liver Detox and Blood Cleanse
June 25, 2014 | Healing | K.Foster
By cleansing the liver, we're talking about inducing the liver to purge all of the fats, old cholesterol deposits, gallstones, poisons, drug residues, and toxic waste stored therein. Probably nothing else you do (including even the colon detox) will make a greater difference in your overall health. The liver is so important to our well-being that many healers maintain that most diseases cannot develop in the body (that, in fact, no form of cell degeneration can occur) if the liver is functioning in an efficient, healthy manner. Conversely, an unhealthy liver is very likely at the root of most serious health problems.

Cannabis Oil Cures 8 Month Old Infant of Cancer, Dissolving Large Inoperable Tumor In 8 Months
June 24, 2014 | Healing | M.Torres
According to Dr. William Courtney, the western medical mind has a very hard if not impossible time trying to understand the diverse actions of Cannabidiol. He explains how his youngest patient who is 8 months old, had a very massive centrallylocated inoperable brain tumor. The child's father pushed for non-traditional treatment utilizing cannabis and put cannabinoid oil on the baby's pacifier twice per day, gradually increasing the dose. Within two months there was a dramatic reduction. Dr. Courtney pointed out that the success of the cannabis approach means that"this not going to have the long-term side effects that would come from a very high dose of chemotherapy or radiation.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Count Calories
June 22, 2014 | Nutrition | J.Ivan
They said, "a calorie is a calorie," but not all calories are equal. They're not equal because they vary in effects in your weightand health. Each food is metabolized differently by your body, for energy and fat storage. There are a lot of confusing ideas, hearsay or factual information about counting calories. What is important is the source of the calories and not on counting them.

What Is The Most Powerful Spice In Your Kitchen?
June 20, 2014 | Antioxidants | M.Chan
The curative properties of clove and its oil are legendary. Not only does it have the highest antioxidant value of any spice, its multiple range of uses are exemplary. Clove contains significant antioxidants which have been proven in studies to prevent toxicity from environmental pollutants like carbon tetrachloride, digestive tract cancers, and joint inflammation.

The Difference of Professional Therapeutic Medicine
June 20, 2014 | NaturalLiving | E.Dahl
When you hear "professional therapeutic medicine," what does it mean to you? This sort of terminology is not something that most people dwell on--after all, if something is labeled as "medicine," wouldn't it go without saying that it is also professional and therapeutic? One would assume so, but a problem may also lie within those same assumptions.

Raw Chocolate Cashew Tarts
June 19, 2014 | Nutrition | K.Foster
This is a very easy, cheap and decadent recipe that will have you craving these goodies without the worry of packing the calories. With a generous amount of protein and nutrients, these tarts are a wonderful substitute to any conventional equivalents high in sugar.

Amazing Invention Removes Almost 100 Percent of Waterborne Bacteria and Filters Up To 1000L of Contaminated Water
June 17, 2014 | NaturalLiving | A.McCarthy
A award-winning straw-shaped portable water filter enables you to drink safely from any body of water - even from a puddle. Or, in fact, from a toilet. It is designed to provide safe, clean drinking water in any situation. It was voted the best invention by Time Magazine and invention of the century by Gizmag.

10 Health Benefits of Ginger Tea
June 16, 2014 | Antioxidants | K.Foster
With its high levels of Vitamin C, magnesium and other minerals, ginger root is extremely beneficial for health. Once made into tea, you can add peppermint, honey or lemon to make this beverage into an incredible tea with immunity boosters known to reduce inflammation and prevent many illnesses.

Why Humanity Must 'Rewild' To Extricate Ourselves From Our Ecocidal Ways
June 15, 2014 | NaturalLiving | M.Bekoff
Most people find it difficult to live a rich and meaningful life that involves being out in nature -- and appreciating the magnificence of our one and only planet -- because they are constantly in the process of being "unwilded."People are pulled away from nature and other animals because they are simply too busy trying to survive, or too busy trying to make ends meet. And unwilding begins early in life -- too many youngsters aren't allowed to "go out and get dirty" or just have fun doing nothing but enjoying themselves outside.

Solar Bottle Bulb - Illuminating Houses For Even The Poorest Families, During The Day Without Electricity
June 13, 2014 | Sustainability | M.Torres
In 2002, a Brazilian mechanic had a light-bulb moment and came up with a way of illuminating his house during the day without electricity - using nothing more than plastic bottles filled with water and a tiny bit of bleach. In the last three years his innovation has spread throughout the world and now in millions of homes. Each bottle averages an equivalent output of a 50 watt bulb.

Getting Off Cardiovascular Meds - Tomato's Powerhouse Antioxidant Lycopene Widens Blood Vessels By More Than 50 Percent
June 11, 2014 | Antioxidants | K.Foster
Cardiovascular medications, especially those for hypertension, constitute approximately 25 percent of all prescribed medications in the world. By decreasing vascular resistance and blood flow these drugs have many side effects including blood disorders, impotence, inflammation of the liver, elevated blood glucose, increased heart rate, depression and even cancer. It turns out that the antioxidant lycopene, which is found in tomatoes and in other yellow, red, and orange vegetables, is a valuable alternative that is capable of widening blood vessels by more than 50 percent according to new research in PLOS One.

How To Cleanse With Juicing and Juice Fasting
June 10, 2014 | Nutrition | B.Kim
I'm often asked to name one thing that can be done right away to get healthier. With respect to food choices, the best suggestion I have is to begin drinking freshly pressed vegetable juices. Drinking just one freshly pressed juice each day is a reliable way of infusing your body with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that can protect your cells against premature aging and disease.

Study Shows The Therapeutic Effects of Marijuana on Autistic Children
June 9, 2014 | Healing | M.Torres
A new study on how marijuana affects autism will undoubtedly fuel the flames of the debate over medical cannabis, particularly given its implications on the uncharted use of pot in kids for medical conditions.

Should We Measure Nature's Wealth For a More Sustainable Planet?
June 8, 2014 | Sustainability | M.Chan
Imagine that you are considering selling stocks that you own in a company. You would probably consider how much the shares are worth today, how much they might be worth in the future and how much you might receive in dividend payments for each year you hold onto the stock. Much of your decision is informed by market wisdom and research. Now imagine that you manage acres of old-growth forest or another natural resource, like some fish in the ocean. How do you decide whether to use the resource now or conserve it as natural capital for the future?

Elderberry Extract Outperforms Medication By Inhibiting Growth of Pathogenic Bacteria By Up To 99 Percent
June 4, 2014 | Antioxidants | M.Chan
Compounds in elderberry bind microorganisms before they can penetrate the walls of cells, thereby inhibiting their ability to spread. The hot tea from the flowers and juice from the berries promotes sweating preferable adding on lemon juice and honey which is soothing for upper respiratory infections. A liquid extract from black elderberry may inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria by 99 percent at highest concentrations, a feat no anti-bacterial drugs can match. The tea is also considered to be anti-rheumatic, laxative and detoxifying.

Why Is Olive Oil So Effective For Our Health When Combined With Green Leafy Salads?
June 2, 2014 | Antioxidants | M.Chan
The combination of unsaturated fats in olive oil and nitrite-rich leafy salad or vegetables may be what gives the Mediterranean diet its healthy edge, according to new research.

Ashwagandha Herb Protects Against Infection, Boosts The Immune System, Improves Memory and Treats Many Diseases
June 1, 2014 | Antioxidants | A.McCarthy
Ashwagandha has been used as an herbal remedy for hundreds of years to help the body deal with stress. It has also been used traditionally for pain relief and to treat skin diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy and many other conditions naturally.


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