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Dehydration: The Best Way To Preserve The Essence of Fruits and Vegetables
August 31, 2011 | Nutrition | 
Dehydrating your foods has a number of powerful and healthier advantages over canning or freezing methods of preservation. One dehydrator appliance is finally "kitchen worthy" and a complement to any household.

Super Herb: Coriander Oil Prevents Bacterial Spoilage and Food Borne Illnesses
August 25, 2011 | Herbs | 
A new Portuguese study reports that coriander oil proved "toxic to a broad range of harmful bacteria," able to fight food poisoning and even antibiotic-resistant infections when used in foods and medicines. Coriander oil is picking up the slack where antibiotics fail us giving more credence to plant-based medicine.

Happiness: 69 Year-Old Women Has Not Used Money In 15 Years
August 19, 2011 | Happiness | 
Heidemarie Schwermer, a 69-year-old woman from Germany, gave up using money 15 years ago and says she's been much happier ever since.

EPIC Data Shows Antioxidant Supplementation Lowers Cancer Mortality
August 18, 2011 | Antioxidants | 
Users of antioxidant vitamin supplements may be at reduced risk of cancer mortality, as well as premature death in general, suggests data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition.

New Study Shows Modified Citrus Pectin Activates Powerful Immune Responses
August 17, 2011 | Antioxidants | 
I am thrilled to share with you groundbreaking research demonstrating the ability of a specific form of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) to greatly enhance immune function.

Consumers Are Less Interested In Functional Ingredients and More Interested in Health Benefits
August 15, 2011 | Nutrition | 
When it comes to bread, products containing 'functional ingredients' are less attractive to consumers than those with a clear and direct health benefit, says new research.

Have You Gotten Your Vitamin P Today?
August 11, 2011 | Antioxidants | 
Did you know that vitamin P-also known as bioflavonoids-was named after paprika, from which it was first isolated?

Dosing With Omega-3 While Pregnant Enhances Baby's Immune System
August 4, 2011 | Immunity | 
Supplementation with high-dose DHA omega-3 oil whilst pregnant may help to enhance infants' immune systems, according to new research.

The 15 Most Powerful Healing Herbs in Your Kitchen
August 3, 2011 | Antioxidants | 
The humble herb and spice rack in your kitchen today need not be just a decorative feature, although they look quite pleasing to the eye hanging on the wall, in both modern and old fashioned styled homes. They can in fact hold a plethora of natural healing ingredients that can also add great taste to the foods you eat every day.

Even "100 Percent Pure" Orange Juice Is Artificially Flavoured
August 3, 2011 | Nutrition | 
Ever wonder why commercial orange juice-even the premium, not-from-concentrate, "100-percent pure" juice kind-tastes the same each time you buy it, but doesn't taste exactly like a freshly peeled orange?

Potassium Lowers The Risk of Stroke
August 2, 2011 | Antioxidants | 
Studies are inconsistent when it comes to how potassium might affect the risk of stroke. A meta-analysis of previous prospective studies suggests that eating high amounts of potassium may lower the risk of stroke.


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