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Meditation and Faith - A Powerful Role In Healing
Generally, medicinal treatment is thought of in strictly concrete terms. However, the spiritual side of healing--faith and meditation--also plays a powerful role in healing.

DMAE - Its Anti-Aging Effects Are Scientifically Proven, But Health Agencies Want To Shut Down Access To This Incredible Amino Acid
Both FDAs in Canada and the U.S. are on a mission to prevent the public from being fully informed on the natural effects of dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), an incredible amino acid found naturally in foods. It contains proven ingredients for skin, and collagen support for repair and maintenance, as well as having a positive influence on red blood cells carrying oxygen to tissues. It also assists in the building and repair of cell membranes, especially in the brain and central nervous system. So why is it a threat to health agencies? Because it's considered a mood-elevating smart nutrient that is scientifically proven to work, and of course, it also competes with pharmaceutical drugs.

5 Anti-Disease Properties Of Essential Spices In Your Diet
With changing lifestyles, we have become increasingly vulnerable to diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol and blood pressure that have long term effects. We choose to depend on antibiotics to battle these diseases. However, small changes in our diet can help reduce risks of common lifestyle diseases. In the west, we are unaccustomed to include a lot of spices in our food, but here's why it is advisable that we start doing that.

This One Food Prevents The Number One Cause of Death And Even Extends Lifespan
The substances that give chili peppers their intensity when ingested or applied topically and their several related chemicals, collectively called capsaicinoids kill cancer cells and may even extend lifespan.

Retraining Your Brain Without Drugs To Defeat Fibromyalgia Naturally
Effective treatment for fibromyalgia is finally possible now that there is a better scientific understanding of this painful condition, which affects about five million Americans. The new insights explain a lot, in fact--including how prescription painkillers often make fibromyalgia pain worse...and why the real route to fibromyalgia recovery lies in nondrug approaches that retrain the brain.

5 Ways Our Ancestors Used To Get Rid of Headaches Naturally
Many people instantly reach out to allopathic medicines (aspirin, paracetamol, etc.) as soon as they get a headache. It is not that they are unaware of the side-effects; they are, but situations such as an important meeting ahead, a toddler nagging them, etc., increase the urgency to be rid of the headache! Understandable! Nobody likes headaches. But, next time, please try one of these proven folk remedies before you pop a pill.

Forget About Cologne and Perfume...The Most Attractive Scent To The Opposite Sex Is You
While it is well documented that females and males of many species can communicate through chemical signals called pheromones, there has remained some question as to whether humans can communicate this way as well. Now researchers in Germany have found that humans do respond strongly to a specific fragrance--in ways that could ignite a woman’s sex drive.

Cranberry Juice Lowers Diabetes And Heart Disease Risk
A multitude of research has linked cranberry juice to regulation of insulin, prevention of hardening arteries and of course reducing urinary tract infections. New research from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that cranberry juice could also help lower the risk of other chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Seaweed May Hold The Key To Treating Irritable Bowels
An extract from fucoidans may provide promise for treating a type of inflammatory bowel disease known as ulcerative colitis, a new study published in PLoS One suggests.

Avoiding The Sun Will Kill You Much Faster Than Embracing It
There a good chance you've adopted at least some of the messages from the media regarding sunscreen and avoiding the sun. But even though a vast body of evidence correlates sun exposure to skin cancer, it's not the cause.

The Future Of Understanding Human Immunity Will Rest On Our Knowledge of Bacteria and Inflammation
Throughout the world, we will see proliferating technologies that will eventually assist in a greater understanding of the mechanisms that regulate the incredible interactions between nutrition and immunity. The short-sighted conventional medical approach of inserting microorganisms into the body will be replaced by our understanding new aspects of the complex relationship between bacteria and inflammatory processes which ultimately cause disease.

7 Ways To Naturally Manage, Shrink and Eliminate Uterine Fibroid Tumors
Around 70% of women will develop fibroids at some point in their lives, however the majority of these women are only given one option when pursuing treatment via the conventional route -- a hysterectomy, which should never be an option. Some women never experience any symptoms while others have debilitating symptoms. The good news is most fibroids don't cause symptoms, don't require any fancy treatment, and almost never require a hysterectomy, despite what you may have heard from your doctor.

Cannabis Coffee Growing in Popularity As Consumers Grow Wise To Medicinal Properties
Talk to anybody about Marijuana Coffee and they may refer to long existing establishments in Netherlands where licensed coffee shops have been serving it to customers for decades. However, the idea has firmly caught on in the United States, where pot-infused coffee is taking the market by storm as more consumers are finally becoming informed on the medicinal properties of this amazing plant.

20 Sources of Pain In The Body Each Directly Tied To Specific Emotional States
Pain is first energy, second perception, and third physical manifestation. There is no other source of pain but energetic. Physical presentation is always secondary. Every single origin of pain in our bodies can be traced back to a specific emotional state which functions to warn us that there is still work to be done in areas of our lives for which we have yet to integrate lessons. Once we integrate those lessons, the pain disappears.

Men's Health: Fathers and Would Be Fathers
Both current fathers and would-be fathers can agree that health is important. What are some steps fathers can take to be in good health to prepare for kids, and to keep up with the kids once they arrive?

Are We All Drinking Coffee At The Wrong Time?
How many of us roll out of bed and get our daily dose of java before we're even out of our pajamas? There is a perfect time to drink our beloved favorite beverage and to the surprise of most people, it's not in the morning.



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