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Shining A Spotlight On What We Desire On Planet Earth
January 29, 2013 | Consciousness | M.Forrester
People are generally attracted by bad news, gossip and all the horrors in the world. It makes news and also makes a lot of money. So when we find ourselves in the midst of chaos day after day, why does it surprise so many people if this is what we project out into the universe in the first place? The Earth and its experience, as well as that of its inhabitants are a direct reflection of the energy that is put forth. Think and feel limitation, corruption, greed, hate, insecurity and you will get it. Think and feel horrific events and you will get them. But what if you changed your perspective in the opposite direction?

Your Sense of Gratitude Is Enhanced By Your Level of Sleep
January 20, 2013 | Happiness | M.Torres
We all have to appreciate what we have more and value it. Great wisdom comes from counting our positives and being grateful for all the good things and people in our lives. We all know that getting a good nightís sleep is good for our general health and well-being. But new research is highlighting a more surprising benefit of good sleep: more feelings of gratitude for relationships.

People With Power Perceive Wrongdoing With Less Ambiguity Than People Lacking Power
January 18, 2013 | Happiness | A.McCarthy
Most companies are ruled by a specific power structure and the only reason it works is because there are those that feel subservient and do not question those they report to. Employees are often shocked by what they think is a supervisorís severe reaction to a subordinateís seemingly minor transgression. The supervisors who punish them seem to be so absolutely sure that they are doing the right thing--they have a clear sense of purpose and there are no arguments to sway them. However, new research find that providing a sense of power to someone instills a black-and-white sense of right and wrong (especially wrong). Once armed with this moral clarity, powerful people then perceive wrongdoing with much less ambiguity than people lacking this power, and punish apparent wrong-doers with more severity than people without power would.

The Game of Earth Is Yours To Play
January 15, 2013 | Consciousness | M.Forrester
You have come to this planet to learn. There is no right or wrong, simply frequency selection. That's it. You have come to integrate experience and let go of judgement. This is the game of earth and you are all playing very well. Having fun?

The Heroic Journey
January 7, 2013 | Consciousness | D.Hall
The kids are not alright. Neither are the adults. It's endemic and if you don't have it it's hunting you down, mercilessly--malaise, drudgery, listless purpose, addictions, fragmented identity, boredom. Boredom means the soul, the deepest part of ourselves, is bleeding. We're not supposed to be bored and because we live in sedated states (drugged on caffeine, toxins, refined foods, artificial landscapes of media and banal pop culture, and more miasmas of the matrix) we're not even aware of how revolting, how anathema it is to be bored in a world that is beautiful, majestically intriguing and a wonderland of evolving creativity by its very nature.

Those Who Refuse To Unlearn, Deschool and Deprogram Will Be This Generation's Illiterate
January 7, 2013 | Consciousness | M.Torres
The general definitions and terminology for illiteracy vary depending on their orientation to specific subject areas. Most people assume illiteracy pertains solely to those with the inability to read or write simple sentences in any language. However, those suffering from learning, cultural and scientific illiteracy are a different group all together. The coming generation of illiterate adults will be those who cannot unlearn, deschool or deprogram themselves from conventional thinking. It will be those who cannot free themselves from mainstream opinions and thought processes that require individuals to think outside the box or get rid of the box entirely.

For a Difference of Opinion - Yet Spiritual Change is Upon Us
January 3, 2013 | Consciousness | E.Dahl
For a difference of opinion, many tragedies have been committed in history, and when society looks back, it clearly sees the injustices done and justifies it by saying it would not be repeated again, for we as a people have become more enlightened. I, on the other hand, am not so sure. How will future generations view our age when those who hold the covers of deception are gone off the scene, exposing their legacy of deception?


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