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12 Simple Ways To Embrace Nature
November 23, 2011 | Consciousness | 
The Earth is our mother and she still has much to teach us. Her preservation is important for generations to come. She has been neglected and abused and is in much need of our care and healing. She provides us with all the sustenance we need, yet most of us do not reciprocate and give back what she needs from us. What she needs is very simple. Here are 12 ways to love and embrace nature.

Do You See It Coming? The Next Largest World View Movement Will Not Have a Name
November 22, 2011 | Consciousness | 
We are all currently part of a movement that is greater and more profound than we can comprehend at this time. It does not have a name and nobody started it, or is in charge. It is non-violent and grassroots. It is global, classless, unquenchable and tireless. It has no central ideology and it is the most diverse movement the world has ever seen. You are a part of it and if you're reading this, you KNOW it is happening right before your very eyes.

A New Model For Understanding Biodiversity
November 22, 2011 | Sustainability | 
Researchers develop a unified theory of ecosystem change by combining spatial modeling and food web analysis.

You Have More Than Two Eyes: The Third One Can See What The Other Two Can't
November 17, 2011 | Consciousness | 
The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is not only a mystical and esoteric concept referred to in certain spiritual traditions. It is an an actual physical area within the ventricles of the brain. It is a gland, called the pineal gland and it can connect you to imagine, visualize, feel and experience things that are not possible with your own two eyes.

No Need To Fear Super Volcanoes For 2012
November 17, 2011 | TheUniverse | 
The geological record holds clues that throughout Earth's 4.5-billion-year lifetime massive supervolcanoes, far larger than Mount St. Helens or Mount Pinatubo, have erupted. However, despite the claims of those who fear 2012, there's no evidence that such a supereruption is imminent.

The Transformation of our DNA is Leading Us To Universal Truths
November 16, 2011 | Consciousness | 
We have been stuck in a Universal Time Matrix that has been disconnected from higher dimensional frequencies for thousands of years. Our DNA is finally catching up and breaking through restraints which have halted our progress. Somehow, we've agreed to do all of this to ourselves. However, humans will soon know and understand why 97% of our DNA has a higher purpose and why its transformation is leading us into an awakening that we never could have imagined.

Humans Will See A Dramatic Change In Our Cellular Structure Over The Next Two Years
November 14, 2011 | Consciousness | 
There is a level of activity currently underway on the sun that has never been witnessed before. An enormous wall of plasma whose collapse could soon trigger one of the largest full halo coronal mass ejections ever recorded. One filament of magnetism alone has been estimated at more than a million kilometers across the face of the sun. This may consequently add to the bombardment of energy waves we have recently been receiving from the sun. Moreover, it would accelerate changes within the cellular structure of humans that are progressing to fourth level density at a phenomenal rate.

Breakthrough Innovations Are Advancing Solar Powered Energy
November 14, 2011 | Sustainability | 
Some solar devices, like calculators, only need a small panel of solar cells to function. But supplying enough power to meet all our daily needs would require enormous solar panels. And solar-powered energy collected by panels made of silicon, a semiconductor material, is limited -- contemporary panel technology can only convert approximately seven percent of optical solar waves into electric current.

The 11-11-11 Energy Wave Is Here: What Awaits is Empowerment, Embodiment and Liberation
November 11, 2011 | Consciousness | 
On this day, November 11th, 2011, we have created a level of existence that did not exist before. With the assistance of the universe, we are rapidly changing what we are, where we live and where we're going. The incoming energy wave from the sun is facilitating this process to enhance qualities of love from truth, openness, unity and happiness. If you don't believe it now, it is only a matter of time before you will. The age of empowerment, embodiment and liberation is among us.

What Is Our True Nature?
November 11, 2011 | Consciousness | 
We tend to get caught in sense-illusion. We feed illusions and mistake that for fulfillment. The minute what we expected to achieve does not happen, it makes us feel disturbed. And if the same situation turns in our favour, it excites our senses. However, joy and sorrow are never permanent. They have tendencies to change in accordance to the situation. So whatever is bound to change is not real and what is not real cannot be true.

It's Happening! Earth's Energy Grids Are Being Activated
November 10, 2011 | Consciousness | 
Earth is about to receive a major upgrade when it comes to energy and the sun is certainly keeping its end of the bargain as we approach 11-11-11. A series of sunspots are poised to make a tremendous impact in the coming days as eruptions will produce massive solar flares which will penetrate earth's magnetosphere. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is providing scientists with new information daily about potential X-class eruptions that will affect the entire earth.

Why Unconditional Self-Acceptance is Key In Loving Others
November 10, 2011 | Love | 
Our self-centered lives may suggest we love ourselves rather well. Yet, despite pampering ourselves with the best of what life has to offer, we still suffer from sadness, despair, anger, loneliness, incompleteness, rejection, helplessness and bitterness. We have learned to love things rather than each other and ourselves.

What Fuel Is Inside Every Human Being, Works Slowly But Never Depleted and Usually Ignored?
November 8, 2011 | Love | 
There are many fuels which allow our emotional body to perform. Every human being born on this planet is a source of this fuel, yet its natural state is often corrupted by fear and hate. However, if we were to embrace this everlasting fuel, the other opposing emotions which mostly govern our world would have little effect on our daily lives.

11:11:11 Is The Gateway To Change The Human Template
November 7, 2011 | Consciousness | 
Ahead of us lies this week lies and tremendous doorway on 11:11:11 as we move onto a new spiral of consciousness. In order to achieve this, we must fully focus and align ourselves irrevocably on the outer levels, we must keep a positive outlook! Remain centered and remember at all times what is truly in play. Do not allow yourself to feed the negative energy patterns by giving them life. Do not propagate doom and gloom. Remember that they are all based on third dimensional illusion. They do not emanate from the Greater Reality.

Opening Our Eyes: Scientific Evidence That Everything In The Universe Is ONE
November 3, 2011 | TheUniverse | 
Scientist and researcher Nassim Haramein has demonstrated through observational data and theoretical analysis, that a scaling law can be written for all organized matter describing cosmological to sub-atomic structures.

We Are Progressing To Fourth Dimensional Lives: What Will It Mean To You?
November 2, 2011 | Consciousness | 
All events in 3rd density are temporal and cyclic. That is the state of the 3rd dimension but it is also what we are moving beyond now to experience the 4th and 5th in time. Earth is rapidly ascending the a dimension where we will literally experience heaven on earth. What will it mean to you?

THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?
November 1, 2011 | Consciousness | 
The world is waking up at an unstoppable pace. It was the late Dr. Brian O'Leary who woke up the founders of this website and many others to the importance of free energy principles. The THRIVE documentary interviews Dr. Brian O'Leary among many others and exposes the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.


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