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The Living Matrix - A Matriz Vida
May 25, 2014 | Consciousness | Editor
The Living Matrix - The Science of Healing, uncovers the reality behind the intricate web of factors that determine our health.Interviews with dedicated scientists, psychologists, bioenergetic researchers and holistic practitioners explain how the healing potential of humanity first takes place beyond the physical body and then manifests physically. It details the fascinating approach led by researchers to explain science-based healing of "miracle cures" putting the science in perspective while telling the stories of people who faced and overcame incredible health challenges.

It's Time To Stop Living On The Earth and Start Cohabitating With Her - The Earth is a Sentient Living Organism
May 13, 2014 | TheUniverse | L.Bentley
Contrary to the common belief that the Earth is simply a dense planet whose only function is a resource for its inhabitants, our planet is in fact a breathing, living organism. When we think of the Earth holistically, as one living entity of its own, instead of the sum of its parts, it takes on a new meaning. Our planet functions as a single organism that maintains conditions necessary for its survival.

Can The Rings of a Tree Create Music Like a Record?
May 11, 2014 | Consciousness | J.Richardson
Artist Bartholomaus Traubeck has custom-built a record player that is able to "play" cross-sectional slices of tree trunks. The result is his artpiece "Years," an audio recording of tree rings being read by a computer and turned into music, much like a record player's needle reads the grooves on an LP. It gives us not only a sense of nature's message, but a perspective on a unique arrangement of sounds that would be impossible to interpret through any other medium.

This Is What Happens To Your Cells When You Experience Happiness
May 4, 2014 | Happiness | M.Pochelli
Too much research has been devoted to the science of stress, depression and the connection to disease and not enough to the biology of joy. If a greater emphasis was placed on why we don't go to doctors when we are feeling optimistic, happy, and joyful, there would be less value and importance placed on the emotional states that coincidentally generate more money for those manufacturing medication. There are many ways to experience pleasure in our brains and happiness might be the one emotion that prevents and reverses the cascade of cellular events that lead to disease.


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