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25 Profound Questions To Start Asking Yourself Everyday
September 24, 2012 | Consciousness | Editor
Most us live in somewhat of a robotic state from day-to-day without facing some of the big questions that can lead us to more fulfilling lives and a sense of abundance. Here are 25 questions to start asking yourself to stimulate a greater sense of awareness of who you are and why you are here.

The Number One Cause of Health
September 21, 2012 | Consciousness | M.Forrester
The focus on disease is so overwhelming in our society that we seem to have forgotten that thriving health is the status quo for our species. Unfortunately, we have been so poisoned and conditioned to believe that we have no option but to experience disease in our lives, that invariably this is what materializes and becomes our reality, not only individually, but as a society. Can we live our lives disease-free and in excellent health? Absolutely. But you have to believe it is possible and align yourself with natural laws to ensure that health is your only goal.

The New Science: Magnetism and Plasmatronics Will Change Everything We Know About Health and Our Universe
September 20, 2012 | TheUniverse | M.Forrester
The developed world has dwelled on primitive technologies for far too long. Whether it be conventional aircrafts, primitive vehicles with combustible engines, or treatment systems that are worse for our health than the diseases they attempt to cure, there is no end to the stagnant lack of advanced technology available to humanity. All that is about change in less than a decade. Think about traveling at 40 times the speed of sound or being able to eradicate any disease even before it is ever created. Science will soon be unlearned and the new science will take over the planet. This incredible emerging technology is coming our way soon, and this time the people of the world will know it is here to stay.

97 Percent of Our DNA Has a Higher Purpose And Is Not 'Junk' As Labeled By Scientists
September 11, 2012 | Consciousness | M.Forrester
After thousands of years of being disconnected from higher dimensional frequencies, our DNA is finally breaking free from old patterns which have been stuck in a universal time matrix. However, humans will soon know and understand why 97% of our DNA has a higher purpose and why its transformation is leading us into an awakening that we never could have imagined.

The Unconscious Mind Plays a Key Role In The Placebo Effect
September 11, 2012 | Consciousness | Editor
With the discovery that the unconscious mind plays a key role in the placebo effect, researchers have identified a novel mechanism that helps explain the power of placebos and nocebos.

Join PreventDisease on Facebook, Test Your Knowledge and Win Great Prizes
September 4, 2012 | Happiness | Editor
Starting September 5th, 2012, we'll be introducing a testing ground to quiz all the sharp and educated readers that visit daily. If you would like to participate in testing your knowledge on nutrition, health and wellness, we'll be offering a special incentive, but it will only be on facebook.

Plugging Into Your Intuition Helps Expand Consciousness
September 2, 2012 | Consciousness | M.Parekh
Intuition is the signal your unconscious mind sends you, telling you to do something or not. Hone it, say help experts to expand consciousness.


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