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L-Glutamine Changes Gut Bacteria Leading To Weight Loss
L-Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles and it plays a key role in protein metabolism, and the ability to secrete human growth hormone, which helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth. Researchers have now found that a daily L-glutamine dose of 30 grams per day was associated with a significant reduction in the ratio of specific biomarkers for obesity.

9 Things That Become Routine For Those That Put Their Health First
Although it's different for everybody, most people who are successful in their health and fitness follow a specific formula. Many of them don't attribute their success to routine because they're so passionate about being healthy. They just do it and don't feel right if they don't.

How One Man In His 70s Avoids Alzheimer's And Stays Physically and Mentally Fitter Than People Half His Age
Stephen Jepson may be one of the most creative and active people you will ever meet, especially at his age. From the time he rises until the time he retires, he is constantly moving and actively pursuing something fun and physically active all day long.He believes that keeping his mind and body active is the key to living a long and healthy life.This is one senior citizen whose brain is always running at top speed and with one thing in mind...."we are born to move!"

The Perception Of Our Body Image Is One Of The Strongest Predictors Of Our Health
These days, it is not unusual for girls as young as age 8 to try to emulate the look of fashion models and Hollywood stars--a trend that may be linked to eating disorders not only in young children, but later in life. Parents, the media, and society in general play a huge role in shaping our perception of our body image. The way we experience the internal state of our body also influences how we perceive our body from the outside, as for example in the mirror, and it may be the biggest predictor of our health.

Justin And Lauren Shelton Lost More Than 500 Pounds Together
When Justin and Lauren Shelton realized they had reached crisis levels in their weight gain, they came to the realization that they needed to change, but it took something drastic to really motivate them. Here's how they did it.


How Does Your Body Function?
Find out how parts of your body work together to function as a human machine when you exercise. Get some quick trivial facts on the strongest and longest muscles and bones in your body. Illustrations are also available to you for a better understanding of these concepts.

Types of Exercises

There are so many different types of exercises that are fun, safe and great for an over all body workout. From kickboxing to swimming, here's a overview of our top choices and web resources to keep you informed on the latest trends.

Modes of Fitness

Do you ever wonder what type of exercise is required to achieve a particular body shape or level of fitness? Whether it's weight loss or muscle building, this section is devoted to introducing and informing you about the three main energy systems in the human body and how to use each in maximizing your ability to reach your fitness goals.

Starting a Fitness Program
Before beginning or increasing physical activity, you should take some precautions to prevent or reduce the risk of injury. Get quick tips here about where to start or how to move on to the next step in your fitness agenda. Find out about health clubs, trainers and how to get evaluated for any fitness program.

Exercise & Preventing Disease
Lifestyle changes, including daily exercise are becoming standard treatments for an increasing number of ailments. Get the low-down on more than ten common conditions which exercise can readily prevent or cure.

The Fat Perspective

Why are so many people worried about fat? Should you be? Find out about good fats, bad fats and of course body fat. Together with other nutrients, fats have the ability to prevent some of the most common diseases such as heart disease, cancer and Type II diabetes. You may be shocked to learn more about how much and what kinds of fat are actually beneficial for your body.

Acid/Alkaline Balance
Have you ever wondered if many of the diseases raging through our society have a common cause? Many doctors, herbalists and nutritionists believe that the explanation may come down to three words: Acid Alkaline Imbalance. Learn how to prevent over-acidity and maintain a healthy internal environment.

Vitamins & Supplements
Adequate vitamin and mineral intake is crucial to your health. Are you getting all you need? If not, you may need to make changes to your diet or take a nutritional supplement. Check here for details on supplementing your diet with specific vitamins and minerals for your age, sex or lifestyle. Discover how specific vitamins and minerals, such as antioxidants, calcium and iron, protect your health and where to find them.

Vitamin Guide
Guide to water soluble vitamins, fat soluble vitamins and minerals.


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