Starting a Diet Program

Step 1: Print Worksheets
Print the following worksheets to support your Diet Program:
Step 2: Determine Your Healthy Target Weight:
Your target weight is based on the Body Mass Index (BMI), which is your minimum and maximum weight range according to your height.

Health care professional recommend you use the "Maximum Weight" as your first targeted goal. Once you have achieved this goal, set a new goal based on the "Minimum Weight".

Step 3: Selecting the Right Diet Protocol:
Compare your current body weight to your targeted body weight to determine if you should lose, gain, or maintain. Select a diet protocol:.
Step 4: Using the Carbo Gram Diet Protocol:
If you need to lose weight, start with the "Quick Start Diet". All instructions, rules, carbo-gram counter, score card, and recommended supplements are presented.

In the left side bar navigation, click:

You will find Quick Start Diet Menus, FAQs, and Help recommendations

What to do when you reach your weight goal:
Once you reach your weight goal it's time to find your optimum daily carbo-grams intake. We recommend you start by following the Maintain Weight Diet Protocol.

If you start to gain weight on this protocol, you will have to reduce the number of daily carbo-grams intake until you stabilize your weight. Reduce the number by no more than 5-carbo-grams per day. Follow this protocol for 2-weeks before making any more adjustments.

Food Exchange System
If you prefer to count calories or count food exchanges, you will want to select the Food Exchange System.

We have a full explanation of the Food Exchange System plus Quick Food Exchange Lists.

To determine your caloric needs to achieve your health goals, simply follow Step 2.

You can find these diet protocols by clicking on the side bar heading Diet Programs, and click on the drop down menu Food Exchange System.

Pre-Designed Diets
There are 30 Pre-Designed Diets based on food exchanges and calories. You can make food substitutes within the food groups.
Other Program Nutrition Features:
  • Recipes - There are hundreds of recipes for you to enjoy.
  • Nutrition Resource - This resource will help you achieve your health goals.
  • Food Charts - Many helpful charts that will help you achieve your health goals.
  • Vitamins & Minerals - Learn about vitamins and minerals and how they can help you fight disease.
  • Tests - Testing is a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of your diet and workout routine.
Why follow a low-carbo gram diet protocol:

Our diet protocols are based on counting carbo-grams. Studies show that many overweight people are insulin resistant and will benefit from low-carbo-gram diets. For more info: Insulin Resistance - Insulin Resistance Syndrome

For those who prefer the food exchange or calorie diet protocol we have developed plans using the Food Exchange System and Pre-Planned Diets. - All Rights Reserved.

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