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What is Motivation?
Psychologists study motivational forces to help explain observed changes in behaviour that occur in an individual. The word is derived from the Latin term motivus ("a moving cause"), which suggests the activating properties of the processes involved in psychological motivation. More

  Motivational Inducement Systems
Inducement systems are those design aspects of an organization which act to energize, direct, or sustain behavior within the organization.  The most commonly studied inducement systems are the reward, task, managerial, and social systems. More

Team effort helps for motivation
Older adults are more likely to stick to an exercise program if they work out in a group, study findings suggest. According to the report, older people who exercised in a group for at least 4 months were more likely to schedule exercise into their weekly routine and attend classes if the group was more cohesive. More


Prevent Obesity with the right Attitude
Some people will never reach an ideal or desirable weight, but everyone who's overweight can certainly lose some extra pounds and maintain a healthier weight with the right attitude. More


What's Draining You?
There is a way to plug your energy drains, and it doesn't have to be loathsome and boring. Work on eliminating once and for all whatever it is that drains you, using this five-step plan. More

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