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Spirituality May Be Good for Health
Spiritual people, particularly those who attend religious services, may live longer, healthier lives than others, according to two recent studies. Researchers suggest that the healthful effects of religious attendance may be related to the lifestyle choices that many churchgoers are likely to make. More

  People Who Forgive Feel Better
Forgiveness has gained more attention these last few years by the medical community and curiosity about the effects forgiveness has on mental and physical health has reached the laboratory where researchers actually try to measure forgiveness' impact. More

Getting Away helps Well-Being
Time away from work is indeed good for health, as long as vacationers get enough stress-free "me" time, Austrian researchers suggest. The more time workers were stress-free at home, or away from home, the more recuperative their vacationers were. More


Love's labors found...deep in the brain
Love may be blind, but scientists now say that they have identified the regions of the brain responsible for those deep romantic feelings. British researchers presented the findings at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting in New Orleans. More


Words for the Wise
The term mind/body medicine encompasses a variety of techniques, including behavioral, social, psychological and spiritual practices. It has been verified and acknowledged by medical research to be a real and powerful phenomenon. More

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