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  Pets may benefit your health
Research demonstrates that, on average, pets help keep their owners healthy and active. Several studies have shown that pet owners tend to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels than non-pet owners, and are therefore at a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease. More
  Pets help stabilize owner's blood pressure
A pet's calming influence may outperform drug therapy when it comes to reducing stress-related spikes in blood pressure, researchers report. More

More Evidence Pets Lower Stress
Research has shown positive interaction with a pet can have a calming influence on people's physical and mental states. People who own pets have less stress and require less frequent medical attention than people who had no animal companionship. More


Early Pet Exposure May Cut Allergy Risk
Previous studies have suggested that children born during tree pollen season may develop a tolerance for pollen, thus reducing their risk for acquiring pollen allergy later in life. Scientists believe the same type of 'de-sensitizing' mechanism may be at work in infants exposed to pets in the home. More


Keeping Healthy around Pets
Keeping animals around the house may expose you to pet-transmitted infections or diseases. A review of illnesses spread by dogs and cats in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests ways to reduce your risks. More

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