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Soul Coaching

Welcome Everyone!

Soul Coaching is a growing new professional field, established by world-renowned author, intuitive, healer, and my personal teacher Denise Linn which takes the idea of life coaching to a much deeper and holistic level. This program is about finding meaning and reassessing what we do every day and why. Always thinking about our highest good, it is about re-affirming the best in each one of us with everything we do for ourselves as well as our families.

Imagine taking this amazing journey as a reconnection to that wonderful inner being who is you! This process is all about feeling ALIVE,  just as Life Coaching allows you to clear away outer clutter, Soul Coaching clears away inner clutter which we forget is there and/or don’t fully understand how it got there or affects our lives. 

I became a Soul Coach to help others find their spiritual path, provide a safe, joyful environment and allow everyone who wishes to re-evaluate their life and answer some of those very important questions we commence to ask ourselves, such as:   

     Who am I? What is my purpose or mission in this life?  Why am I here?

 As a Soul Coach, I work from the premise that you already have your own answers within you. I just guide and assist you through the static of everyday life to tune into that very wise inner voice or essence that we call your “soul”.

I use innovative healing techniques, interactive quided visualizations with specific questions to allow your inner soul (who is wise about you and only tells you the truth) to speak to you. It has all the answers you are looking for, you just need to reach deep inside and get them, it never lies. No other person knows you like you know yourself, no other person is as wise about you as you are.

My approach is to use laughter, joy, forgiveness and understanding to reach that beautiful unique inner being with immense potential for love of self. The exercises will assist you to shift energy and allow you to tune in to your soul’s calling.  I will provide you with tools which you can use everyday to help you to deal with stress and be able to determine what is really important, be capable of assessing your frame of mind to ascertain where your heart is and how you will allow that to affect you or most important not affect you.

This program is ‘not’ about religion, it is about inner knowing and learning about yourself, it is about laughter, joy, honour and forgiveness of self.

I have so much passion for this process and program, it would be my honour to gently guide you thru it so you may find, your mission and your inner love of self.

Adele Bentivegna,
Certified Soul Coach ®
Certified Past Life Coach ®


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