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How Costco and Ameriware Continue
To Lie and Deceive Consumers

Costco and Ameriware Products continue to deceive consumers into thinking their professional cookware products contain safer non-stick coatings than teflon. However, the claims of a safer coating have never been tested and independent research has found generic versions of the same chemicals that compose teflon.

As consumers continue their quest in finding that magical non-stick piece of cookware that is teflon-free, many have come across Ameriware Professional Cookware products commonly sold at Costco. The sales presentation is very convincing, however the information provided is very false.

Just last week I was curious as to how they presented this cookware at their sales demonstration at my local Costco. I had previously researched this cookware, so I was well aware of the actual chemical compositon of these pans. Sure enough, the presenter emphasized that the coating was "cermanic titanium" and not teflon. I asked directly if the actual coating was ceramic titanium or if had other integrated chemicals. The presenter's response was very antagonistic, and sharply stated that it was ONLY ceramic titanium and that there was absolutely NO teflon or similar chemicals on the coating.

Can you fault the presenter? Probably not, as this is likely how they are trained to pitch the demo to the public. However, research into these pots and pans has clearly shown that Costco and Ameriware are not letting you in on the whole story. The fact is, the non-stick coating on all the Ameriware pots and pans is composed of synthetic fluoropolymers identical to those of teflon. They emphasize that "there is no teflon" because there isn't. Dupont and its trademarked Teflon are now under fire by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and other international regulatory bodies for failing to disclose its health hazzards. Why would they promote such a well known dangerous chemical? Instead they cleverly engineered the coating from chemicals identical to teflon and relabeled the new trademarked coating as Ti-2.

Two independent University tests which examined the chemical constituents of Ameriware's 3-layer non-stick system (Ti-2) found that mineral oxides and synthetic fluoropolymers were found to be the "primarly chemical consituents" of the coating. The structure and base of the pan are primarily ceramic titanium, however the coating is not.

Teflon is made from a synthetic fluoropolymer resin. Ti-2 contains synthetic fluoropolymers which are baked on the ceramin titanium base at very high temperatures. Does this make them different? Not at all. You're cooking with the same chemicals with the exception that the Ti-2 coating may have a tendency to flake less since it's much harder than their teflon counterparts. In the long-term, the damage to the environment and your health are the same.

A group of scientific advisers to the Environmental Protection Agency voted unanimously that chemicals used in the manufacture of Teflon like nonstick and stain-resistant products should be considered a likely carcinogen. PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) is used as a necessary processing aid in the manufacture of all fluoropolymers. PFOA is a well known carcinogen that has been linked to cancer, birth defects and liver damage. In my opinion, any company that attempts to promote teflon generics that masquerade as safer products should be prosecuted.

The fact that Costco and Ameriware continue to misrepresent the facts of this non-stick coating is pure marketing and dangerous to consumers and their health. Stay away from this cookware or any other that claims to have a safe non-stick coating. It doesn't exist and likely never will. A good stainless steel pan lasts decades, and will keep you healthy for their lifespan and yours.

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment. He is a health activist, author and contributor to hundreds of health related articles.

Reference Source
August 7, 2008



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