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Health Freedom in Canada At Risk
As Senate Debates Draconian Bill C-6

Bill C-6, intended to improve the current Hazardous Products Act, was opposed by several hundred thousand Canadians who read the fine print. The unconstitutional bill will be debated this evening in the senate.

Indeed, bill C-6 may yet go down in history as a successful teaching tool with which many Canadians learned about Constitutional rights and why legal safeguards are important. C-6 proposes the end of government as we know it. It defines “government” as part and parcel of whatever foreign government, foreign corporation, and international organization the Minister of Health chooses – without parliamentary or public debate [Section 2, (a) through (f); 32 (2), (a) through (c), and 36 (4)]. Astonishingly, the Opposition parties let this treasonous bill pass with hardly a murmur. Not one shouted: “Hey! Dude, what happened to our Constitution?”

So many people sent e-mails to the Senate, which was expected to pass C-6 without further ado, that the Senators reconsidered and initiated public hearings in November (see Vitality, October 2009). Lawyer Shawn Buckley, director of the Natural Health Products Protection Association in B.C., addressed the Senate committee, explaining how this bill abolishes constitutional safeguards, disregards our criminal code’s intent and procedures, and in the end protects us from nothing but delivers us unto the evils of arbitrary governmental abuse.

Those Senate hearings provided an especially poignant example of how easily one can violate the Golden Rule: Trade law expert C. T. Cherniak, of the international trade law firm Lang Michener, astonished the Senators when she informed them that the bill would basically wreck international trade – for us. She wondered: “What if [C-6-type legislation were to be] adopted by some of our trading partners?” How would we like it if we had to trade with a country run along the lines of the C-6 fantasy of an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-benign Minister? The concern about preventing “harm to our people … should [also] be looking … at the perspective of our trading partners.”

Foreign manufacturers would never be foolish enough to trade with us or establish business branches here when the Canadian government (by law) is free to act arbitrarily, unpredictably, and lacks intelligible procedural dependability. Constitutional safeguards must be protected not only for us, but be assumed to extend to those who wish to trade with us. C-6 lacks reciprocity – this we learned in kindergarten.

In an open letter to Senate Standing Commitee for Social Affairs, Dee Nicholson from Canadians for Health Freedom stated:

"None of us is opposed to protection from hazardous products, and never were. However, we demand, with the force of Canadian law behind us, that you FIND ANOTHER WAY, and make Health Canada, and any other agency of the Canadian government, adhere to the Rule of Law, the Constitution, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in any activity they undertake under the rubric of the “protection of Canadians”.

Now it’s up to the Senators to pass, change or reject C-6. Whatever they do, if they don’t do it right, many Canadians stand ready to voice their objections once again, loud and clear. Our governmental institutions are maintained by the exercise of the democratic right to ask questions and refuse consent. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

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December 14, 2009

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