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Why Getting Naked is Good For Your Brain

We hide in cocoons, when we could be free as butterflies. Peripheral evidence suggests that skin-only is superior to our tomb-like textile traps, especially for the brain.

1. The Clothes You Were Born In. Pediatricians agree that infants thrive with a daily dose of “naked time” because the unhampered range of motion aids brain development. Recent discoveries reveal that the “plastic” brain changes and develops throughout our entire lives. Neuroplasticity pioneer Michael M. Merzenich believes, “everything you can see happen in a young brain can happen in an older brain.” This indicates that “naked time” is equally valuable for humans of any age, especially the elderly.

2. Barefoot Medicine. Going shoeless is now recognized as an anti-Alzheimer’s, brain-boosting activity because the sole sensation entices your brain into growing extra, efficient neuron connections. Merzenich believes our brains decline if we “limit the sensory feedback from our feet.” He advocates walking barefoot (to improve balance, posture, and co-ordination functions in the vestibulocerebellum.) Dr. Norman Doidge (author of The Brain That Changes Itself) concurs that skipping shoes will increase brain flexibility and youthfulness, and many podiatrists now advise going barefoot as much as possible. Bare feet are today’s prescription. Tomorrow’s elixir will take the next step: Bare Body.

3. Soothe Away Your Crazies. Massage is recognized as a therapeutic treatment for mental health issues like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolarism, borderline personality disorder, learning difficulties, and low self-esteem. The skin stimulation of massage — improving blood flow and detoxifying the lymph system — is duplicated by the warmth, freedom, and improved circulation generated in Nakedness.

4. Socialization. Self-actualization proponent Abraham Maslow believed “Nudism... is itself a kind of therapy.” Health benefits of social nudity include stress reduction, satiation of curiosity about the human body, reduction of porn addiction, a sense of full-body integration and developing a wholesome attitude about the opposite gender. Research at the University of Northern Iowa discovered that nudists have significantly higher body self-acceptance. Another study by Lawrence Casher concluded that teens at a New York nudist camp were “extraordinarily well-adjusted, happy, and thoughtful.”

5. Weak Body, Worried Mind. Clothes are a breeding ground for filthy fungi and bad bacterium, causing yeast infections, urinary tract infections, rotting toenails. Lyme Disease deer ticks can grab onto your sweater and sea lice can sneak into your bathing suit crotch. Testicular cancer is linked to tight briefs, breast cancer to tight bras. Cinched-up belts, ties, and clothes impede breathing. Men’s snug pants raise testicle temperature, lowering sperm count and fertility. Plus, sunlight that nudists receive produces vitamin D that creates strong bones and prevents osteoporosis and cancers.

6. Comic Relief (Just Joking!).
Have you noticed that the furry Norway Rat only lives 2-3 years, while the Naked Mole Rat survives to be 28?

In addition to all this, clothes are a huge money/time-suck with shopping, laundry, taking on-and-off, stashing in closets and dressers, plus gazillions of hours wondering what so-and-so looks like with their undies removed. Americans spend at least $900 million annually on bathing suits alone; our carbon footprint would shrink like a wool sweater if fabric was no longer manufactured.

So... is the future going to be full frontal? Will the post-Singularity planet be stripped, once climate is controlled by nanobots? Will everyone choose to be nude, strutting around like the Nuba dancers and wrestlers of Leni Reifenstahl? Trends point to a time where there won’t be a stitch to worry about. Fodor’s Guide says nudism is tourism’s fastest-growing sector, and American naturist clubs claim their enrollment is growing 20% annually. The German airline offers nude chartered flights to a Baltic sea resort, and today’s lengthy luggage searches at airports might steer travelers to destinations where they only need carry-on towels and sunblock. Twenty million Europeans already go to nude beaches and spas. Will the rest of the globe burn their garments to revel in raw flesh and simple skin?

I am pulsating imagining it, are you? Can 100 billion brain neurons simultaneously fire?

Hank Hyena is senior editor of The Extropist Examiner. He also wrote “SexBots Will Give Us Longevity Orgasm” and “Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat Will Change Our Lives” for h+.

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January 27, 2010

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