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An Important Message From
Canadians For Health Freedom

We are entering the most critical battle for health freedom that Canadians have ever faced before...

This battle is dangerous to more than just your health rights: It threatens the very fabric of this country and all our rights, even the right to self-rule as a sovereign nation, to make and enforce our own laws!

We need your help to keep this website running, to support those who give so much time and energy to saving your rights, by putting pressure on our lawmakers, by organizing protests, by sharing information, by speaking out for you and giving voice to your demands, and much, much more!

Bill C-6 is going to reincarnate within weeks in Parliament, and Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq has told me that the bill will be brought back in its original form, without the amendments our Senate fought so hard to achieve!

A Question of Sovereignty: A Film By Kevin Miller

Thanks to prorogation, Harper was able not only to appoint 5 more Conservative Senators to give his party dominance in the Upper House, he was able to re-strike the Standing Committees, which pretty much tells us that the Senate will not be amending this nefarious bill as before. This bill must be fought in Parliament, and in every riding in this country. We must stop our elected members from passing this legislation, or we face the ultimate loss of our national health sovereignty, our ability to make uniquely Canadian law with respect to our health care and our freedom to choose.

Canadians for Health Freedom’s team will go to the mat to stop Bill C-6, not just because the bill has several constitutional violations in its language, but because THIS LAW WOULD MAKE US OBEY THE ORDERS OF FOREIGN AUTHORITIES LIKE CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, the WHO, or any other group to whom we owe “international obligations”.

The new political buzz word is “enlightened sovereignty”:  I would invite you to read my article “A Dim View of Enlightened Sovereignty” posted HERE to shine a little light on what that means!

Bill C-6. under a new number, is a government bill.  That means it is the INTENT of this government to pass this legislation.  And it means it is the INTENT of this Prime Minister to GIVE CANADIAN HEALTH SOVEREIGNTY AWAY IN ORDER TO SERVE OUR “INTERNATIONAL OBLIGATIONS”… which means we have no say in the governance of our own country!!

Please help support Canadians For Health Freedom.

Winnipeg-born Dee Nicholson describes herself as a “Truth Seeker". She is the author of two books, is a degreed metaphysician, Reiki Master, and life coach, as well as an activist for human rights, especially the right to choose our food, medicine, and health care. Dee is the National Director of Communication for Freedom in Canadian Health Care, which is a charter group member of Canadians for Health Freedom ( She is a frequent blogger on the site, offering commentary on a wide range of topics.

March 18, 2010

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