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6 Food Safety Predictions

The Organic Center, a research institute focused on the science of organic food and farming, recently revealed concerns for the state of the food industry and agriculture.

Six Predictions for 2010 and Beyond

1. Superweeds spread. Genetically-engineered, herbicide-tolerant pigweed has increased with 380 million pounds of herbicides used since 1996, and a 46% increase in 2007-'08.
Solution: Reverse the increases in herbicide use over the effected 160 million acres of US GMO corn, soybeans, and cotton fields. EPA should impose rules for 2011 crop season.

2. Obesity, diabetes and both. An epidemic increase in insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome from diet.
Solution: Shift farm subsidies from high-fat foods and reward food industry for healthier choices, like whole grains and fresh produce that eliminate exposures to pesticides that predispose people to health problems.

3. Ineffective antibiotics. Some strains of bacteria are untreatable due to increased use on farms and ranches.
Solution: Change antibiotics use with animals. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) introduced a bill in 2009 to ban subtherapeutic agricultural use of human antibiotics. Until passed, organic animal products can help stop newly resistant bacteria.

4. Inflammation. Increases in diseases linked to inflammation from foods.
Solution: Fight disease linked to inflammation and promote brain health with nutrient-rich colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. Aging bodies require more antioxidants in food since less are produced by the body and organic produce provides 25% more.

5. Developmental problems. An increase in autism, ADHD, birth defects and allergies related to exposure to pesticide-related risks in the diet.
Solution: Ban high-exposure of these pesticides, limit access to heavily sweetened foods/beverages in schools and promote access to organic fruits/vegetables without toxic residues.

6. Honey bee decline. Five seed treatment insecticides are known to undermine bee immune systems affecting bees navigation to hives.
Solution: Ban seed treatments to assure ample harvests of foods dependent on pollination by bees. (Italy's successful pesticide-fee crop season in 2009 resulted in virtually no bee losses.)

April 9, 2010


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