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6 Factors That Can Kill Your Diet

So you have been dieting all this while and also keep a check on what you eat, still you feel you aren't losing much weight. Or does it come back after sometime? We help you find out 6 evil factors that doom your diet.

Don’t give your food power:
It’s all in your mind. Food can’t make you eat it. Some people talk as if a chocolate bar holds them down, forcing them to eat it. You have the power to say No to food.

Good versus bad food:

So you think there are good and bad foods? Incorrect. Food is food; it could be fatty, salty, sweet, and low in fat, high in fibre, high in protein. You have to find the right balance and ensure that your body is not deprived of food.

Dieting can’t go on forever:
You feel heavy today and you go on a diet plan. Once you lose the excess weight, you go off the diet. If you follow this pattern, you are most likely to regain all the weight. So eat well but eat right.

You can’t lose weight without exercise:
So you think you can lose weight without exercising. It isn’t impossible, but you would need to go on a controlled diet. But once you stop dieting, the weight will come back. It’s very important to follow some kind of a fitness routine. It can even be a brisk walk, or any kind of increased activity.

All fats are not bad
Some fats are healthy. Nuts and seeds have good oils in them, so you should not avoid those oils. Also, you should keep alternating food oils. Do not stick to one kind of oil. The trans fat in fast food and packaged foods is bad for you.

Don’t drink too many calories
If you are living in the misconception that soft drink is bad but juice and sports drink are good, think again. Juice has the same calories as soft drinks. And sports drinks are mostly full of sugar. It’s best to eat your fruit than drinking it. And drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.

April 29, 2010


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