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While They Chase The
Virus, The House Crumbles

A few points may be made in rebuttal to all these people who believe that they can be protected from every germ and virus if only they had yet another vaccine.

First of all, vaccines do not give anyone antibodies or immunity. Only the reaction of a strong immune system will develop antibodies. Children with weak immune systems simply get overwhelmed by the "injected disease assault". Thus those most in need of protection are not protected by vaccines - their immune systems are too weak to respond appropriately. These are the casualties.

It has long been acknowledged that repeated vaccinations weaken - not strengthen - the immune system, and leave the immune system weakened and too exhausted to respond to subsequent immune challenges. With the present vaccine schedule, infants are kept in a state of continuous disease challenge for their entire first two years of life. Their immune systems are totally exhausted. These become the children who experience ten colds and ear infections every year, and live on antibiotics over and over again.

Secondly, if the medical profession were not so completely dominated by Big Pharma and the Allopathic Medical paradigm it would have long ago acknowledged and accepted the undeniable FACT that intravenous vitamin C is totally effective in combating ANY serious case of viral disease. This was proven in the 1940s and 50s by Dr. Frederick Klenner, who was able to reverse every polio case within three days and never had a patient with serious complications from polio.

He informed the AMA, and instead of researching this reality, the AMA remained totally silent, and permitted thousands of victims to die or become crippled. All of these polio cases were treatable at that
time - but they were not treated, except by the few doctors who followed Dr. Klenner's example. Big Pharma has spent multi-millions in a vain attempt to discredit this scientific fact. (It poses a serious threat
to the antibiotic industry) They still do not allow allopathic doctors or hospitals to administer intravenous Vitamin C, and would rather let the patient die than allow Vit. C to challenge the profitability of the
antibiotic industry.

There are, however, many alternate practitioners who have routinely used this therapy over that past 50 years, and this reality can no longer be shoved under any rug. Why are these vaccine-parents not demanding the right to access this therapy when faced withy a serious viral infection? Read the Klenner's reports re polio - archived on It's an eye-opener.

Thirdly, if you were to take the time to read the research of former years - yet another case of "Genius Attacked and Therapy Denied" - in the 1930s - 1960s Dr. William Koch gave the world a very simple homeopathic therapy that successfully stimulated the immune system to deal with any viral infection. I challenge you to read "The Birth of a Science" and "The Survival Factor in Neoplastic and Viral Disease". Both books can be freely downloaded from the website It will give
you information that will blow your mind medically, and will also enlighten you as to how the Medical Establishment operates and protects its domain.

We have very effective therapies for all of these viral diseases - if only doctors had the permission to use them. The emphasis has to be on building strong immune systems through nutrition and avoiding toxins,
and in utilizing the effective therapies that are presently sidelined. You would soon find that the need for ever more vaccines literally disappears. That is, unless there is another intentional release of weaponized
and potentiated, genetically engineered viruses, sitting in military biowarfare laboratories. Remember that H1N1 is one such creation, intentionally dug up from a corpse in Alaska, and carefully reconstructed and potentiated. Ask yourself Why? And by Whom? Rather than clamoring for yet another vaccine, which is now also genetically engineered. Do we really want to continue injecting our infants with a witches brew of toxic chemicals and disease viruses?

Emma Steiner - Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic and Political Integrity (CDSAPI).

April 30, 2010


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