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Berry Goods Baby protective carrier covers are an over-the-handle cover for infant carrier/car seats. It has a universal fit for all major car seat sizes. The cover folds into a small pillow for easy storage. There are two different materials available to purchase. The breathable cotton cover is ideal for warmer weather months while the water resistant works best in the cold or wet months.

The water resistant cover is made of a rip cord material; it is just like a wind jacket. It is to help protect baby from snow, rain, and cold air from penetrating through, this light weight material is perfect to get baby to and from car when you have to get out of the house.  This cover can be used while shopping, doctor’s offices, extra, but it is not intended for baby to hang out in the heat.

Protective carrier covers are a great way to help protect your baby from the outside elements that most parents find bothersome. But not only does it help shield baby from outside annoyances, but the cover can also help protect against germs and bugs that can transmit illnesses.  The covers are a breathable cotton material with a mesh viewing screen for ventilation and to see baby.  Having a protective cover over you infant carrier is essentially like a baby having a filtering mask on at all times. 

The importance of germ protection is critical during the first few months of a baby’s life. Grandma new best when saying not to leave the house the first two months! Well, we live in a different time and people like to visit as soon as you come home with the baby.  I understand that we need to introduce germs to baby to build his/her immune system but the first two-three months baby should be protected. Just going to the doctor’s office for wellness visits can be scary. Many times you will find that your baby is the only well one in the room.  It is not a surprise to get sick from going to the doctor.
 Today’s viruses are stronger and more easily spread then ever before. H1N1 was new to most of us last year. With limited vaccinations it was a reality check that we may not be as safe as we thought if something spreads so quickly. Anyone who uses public transit, this product is a must.  Airplanes, trains, subways, etc  or any contained area can be a very dirty place, you don’t know who washed their hands or where they just came from.  If there is no place to wash hands than make sure no one can touch baby!  
For more severe situations informs readers:

  1. ”Some potential emergencies could send tiny microscopic "junk" into the air. For example flooding could create airborne mold which could make you sick and an explosion may release very fine debris that can cause lung damage. A biological terrorist attack may release germs that can make you sick if inhaled or absorbed through open cuts. Many of these agents can only hurt you if they get into your body, so think about creating a barrier between yourself and any contamination.”


If you love the outdoors then you are going to love this:
Number one outdoor nuisance? Bugs.
They bite, they sting, they bother!
20 years ago mosquitoes were just a pesky bug problem but today some carry the virus West Nile which can cause a nasty fever.  Keeping mosquitoes from biting our baby is a  must and the last thing you want to have to do is put bug repellant on your baby. The protective cover has an elastic edge that holds the cover snug against the carrier to help keep bugs out, the mesh screen is a mosquito netting, great for keep biting and stinging bugs off of baby. The top flap covers the handle hole and velcros down to keep bugs from entering. 

Oh how miserable it is to be congested from pollen, but as awful as it is, we are able to blow our noses and gargle with salt water to relieve the irritation. Babies are not able to do so. Babies have to wait until the parents suction their noses. The longer pollen and dust sit in baby’s sinuses the more chances of infection. A small drip turns into an itchy throat which can turn into an sinus infection and could turn to an ear infection which will lead to a crying baby and possibly sleepless nights!. The cover can help keep pollen and dust from ever making it to their little noses.
So for all you campers and gardeners this is a great cover so baby can enjoy outside with you!

The beach!
Nothing better than going to the beach, well unless there is no shade and sand is being kicked up all over you. If it gets on your nerves, just think about your baby. With the cover, baby will have shade and no worries about someone walking by or the wind blowing sand in baby’s mouth or eyes!

Finally you can go to the park, sporting events, festivals, etc.  and not worry about the bugs, too much bright sun, or the endless kids that want to touch your baby!  Now you can enjoy parties without someone thinking they can feed your baby cake! Even visiting someone’s house that has pets or carpet you do not have to worry about dust or pet dander bothering baby. Also, your baby has a clean dark place to nap when the flap is rolled down.  

Avid travelers:
            The protective cover is a great tool to keep for unexpected changes in weather when traveling.  It is also essential to help protect from possible sickness or bugs that you were not aware of prior to leaving home.

If you are always on the go the cover is perfect to slip on the carrier to protect against outside elements! Baby can rest without being woken up by bright sun or wind blowing in baby’s face.  If you are shopping and the rain unexpectedly comes you can make a quick run to the car without baby getting drenched!

But most important this cover is the nicest way to let strangers know that IT IS NOT OKAY to touch your baby! Babies are irresistible so I understand how easy it is to touch a baby - even stranger’s baby, but there are too many nasty germs that can be passed from hands to baby. This way everyone can still see baby and say how lucky you are and how beautiful your baby is without any touching.  Life is good!

Berry Goods LLC just received The National Parenting Center’s seal of approval for 2010.  The National Parenting Center is an independent testing center consisting of volunteers to find the finest products and services being marketed to the parent/child audience. The cover has been on Nola Baby magazine as a “must have” and an editorial done in Modern Parents Magazine. The cover is CPSIA compliant, patent pending, mom invented, and made in North America.

Berry Goods Baby is a product line invented by me, a mom of three kids. The protective carrier was thought up with first child 14 years ago.  My newest product which will be launched later this year was thought up during my last pregnancy 4 years ago. A native to New Orleans, LA, the products I invent are just the means to my bigger plan. My mission is to establish a program to help homeless mothers and their children. No mom should ever have to worry when or if their child has food and shelter. 

Protective covers can be purchased from vendors listed on the purchase tab and at for Canadian buyers. I also have a fan page on Face book that people can share photos and comments about their cover!

Dr. Artour Rakhimov ( is a health educator in self-oxygenation, breathing and the Buteyko self-oxygenation medical therapy. He is the author of books and the educational website devoted to natural self-oxygenation, breathing education and breathing retraining.

May 21, 2010


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