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Protective Baby Covers Offer Convenience and Protection For Your Infant

The importance of germ protection is critical during the first few months of a baby’s life. Grandma new best when saying not to leave the house the first two months! Now, protective carrier covers offer a great way to help protect your baby from the elements.

We do need to introduce germs to babies to build his/her immune system, but for the first two to three months baby should be protected. Just going to the doctor’s office for wellness visits can be scary. Many times you will find that your baby is the only well one in the room.  

Protective carrier covers offer are a great way to help shield babies from outside annoyances, but the covers can also help protect against germs and bugs that can transmit illnesses.  The covers are constructed from a breathable cotton material with a mesh viewing screen for ventilation and to see baby.  Having a protective cover over your infant carrier is essentially like a baby having a filtering mask on at all times. 

Berry Goods Baby protective carrier covers are an over-the-handle cover for infant carrier/car seats. With a universal fit for all major car seat sizes, the cover folds into a small pillow for easy storage. The breathable cotton cover is ideal for warmer weather months while the water resistant works best in the cold or wet months. The water resistant cover is made of a rip cord material, just like a wind jacket. It helps prevent snow, rain, and cold air from penetrating through this light weight material.

Number one outdoor nuisance? Bugs.

They bite, they sting, they bother! Twenty years ago mosquitoes were just a pesky bug problem, but today some carry the viruses such as West Nile which can cause an array of symptoms.  Keeping mosquitoes from biting babies is a must and the last thing you want to have to do is put bug repellant on your baby. The protective cover has an elastic edge that holds the cover snug against the carrier to help keep bugs out.  The mesh screen is a mosquito netting, which prevent biting and stinging bugs from reaching babies. The top flap covers the handle hole and velcros down to keep any bugs from entering. 


The longer pollen and dust sit in baby’s sinuses the more chances of infection. A small drip turns into an itchy throat which can turn into a sinus infection and possibly an ear infection which will lead to a crying baby and possibly sleepless nights! The cover can help keep pollen and dust from ever making it to their little noses, so baby can enjoy the outdoors with all you campers and gardeners.

Beach and Parks

You can enjoy parks, beaches, sporting events, festivals, etc. without worrying about  bugs or excessive sunlight.  Now you can enjoy parties without someone thinking they can feed your baby cake! Visiting someone’s house that has pets or carpet?  No worries as the cover protects from dust or pet dander bothering baby. Your baby has a clean dark place to nap when the flap is rolled down.  

Cathy Berry is a mother of three children and owner/inventor of The Berry Goods Baby product line. Berry Goods LLC just received The National Parenting Center’s seal of approval for 2010.  The cover is CPSIA compliant, patent pending and made in North America. Protective covers can be purchased from vendors listed on her website at and at for Canadian buyers.

June 2, 2010


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