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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Spirulina!

Just like superheroes have unique powers that allow them to leap tall buildings, bend steel bars and run faster than a speeding bullet, green superfoods also have amazing powers that promote good health, disease resistance and long life.

Essentially, green superfoods are natural supplements that provide a nutritional wallop in just a small serving. These foods have high nutritional density that serves to balance and cleanse the body. In a couple sips or a couple bites, you can consume most of your daily requirements of green vegetables. If you are what you eat, then green superfoods are definitely the way to go.

Life without green superfoods

The Standard American Diet is sometimes known as SAD, in part due to its depressing effect on the body, immune system and overall health. Most people fail to eat the recommended five to nine servings of fruits and vegetable each day, while consuming a lot of processed food and fast food, all of which can lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems.

In addition, the standard diet is also very acidic, including items such as meat, dairy, white bread and pasta, sweets as well as soda, coffee and tea. When our bodies enjoy a more alkaline environment, afforded by green superfoods, mold, bacteria and fungus are thwarted, which helps the immune system. Likewise, an alkaline diet can combat heart disease and arthritis, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, cleanse the body, reverse digestive problems and even increase joint mobility. Green superfoods create the perfect environment for all of this to take place.

Green superfood superstars

Within the green superfood category, there are several superstars to look for:

  • Chlorella: A member of the algae family and one of the original foods on the planet earth, chlorella's benefits include its detoxifying powers: It helps the liver function at an optimal level (and can even reduce hangovers) and promotes elimination of mercury, lead, arsenic, uranium and other heavy metals in the body. Further, chlorella stimulates the immune system with a compound called chlorellan, and contains Chlorella Growth Factor, which can help repair and regenerate tissue. Beyond these impressive benefits, chlorella is a complete protein, and contains 7 grams of complete protein per 10 grams of chlorella. Finally, chlorella contains high quantities of vitamins B, C, E as well as iron and calcium.

  • Spirulina: This blue green algae is made of a spiral strand which gives it its name. Spirulina blue green algae is also a complete protein - it contains a higher concentration of protein by weight than any food ever studied. Likewise, spirulina is rich in vitamins B, E, K and beta carotene as well as iron and magnesium and essential fatty acids. It contains amino acids that promote improved mental functioning, vitality and energy, and balanced blood sugar. Spirulina can also promote immune function.

  • Wheat grass: This green superfood may increase red blood-cells and decrease blood pressure. Likewise, it may stimulate the metabolism and the thyroid gland and help fight tumors.

  • Barley grass: This balancing, vitamin-packed superfood is especially effective at promoting an alkaline environment in the body - it is also gluten-free and non-allergenic.

Other nutrition-packed green superfoods include alfalfa, used for cholesterol control and to stimulate the immune system (many people with asthma swear by it), as well as kelp, which can be used to promote healthy digestion, glandular health, not to mention beautiful hair and skin.

How to use green superfoods

Green superfoods are easy to mix into a shake or smoothie; they can also be added to a salad dressing, soup or simply a glass of water. Make sure that you read the directions on the package to determine the appropriate quantity as well as other delicious recipes.

Who shouldn't eat green superfoods?

At various points in their life, everyone can and should enjoy green superfoods. However, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult with their doctor first, and children should generally take only half of the recommended dose. In addition, some green superfoods contain ginkgo biloba, which can interfere with anti-coagulant or anti-platelet medications. Finally, if you have allergies to various herbs, make sure you carefully read all labels before consuming any new blend.

Superheroes, superstars, superfoods

A variety of green superfoods can be found online and in health food stores. Ideally, you should look for blends that have the ingredients you're looking for listed near the top of the list of ingredients. Green superfoods truly are superheroes, providing more energy, better health and other super powers that can improve your overall quality of life.

Tom Hines, co-owner of (Minnesota's #1 Now Health Supplement retailer), has been working in the nutrition industry since 1997. He is a competitive powerlifter and lives with his wife Netti and three boys TJ, Grady and Brock, on the prairie in west central Minnesota, where he spends his leisure time coaching youth wrestling, working with his horses and being play toy #1 for his boys.


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