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Open Your Mind and Let Your Ego Dissolve

Human desire manifests itself in different forms but the driving force is the same. It is power, fame and money and ultimately, all these boil down to the desire for control. Some call it an ego trip.

Experience fuels desire. Most of us wish to experience something, we’re wired for experience and we find ways and means of maximising it.

As our brains develop, neurons form memory pathways. This process is accomplished by sensory perception -- inputs from the senses form memory. We constantly endeavour to add to memory with our experiences. This is the basis of desire, and so our desires and brain are interlinked.

An outcome of desire is the need for possession, whether of a person, object or idea. Possession provides anchor for experience and helps maximise it. As we absorb experience through our senses, the brain processes this information. It is during this process that we “decide” whether our desires are fulfilled or not. Fulfillment of desires therefore helps us find release from the need for possession.

A powerful processor like the mind would have to evaluate all possibilities and find fulfillment of desires without having to physically possess the object or objects of desire. A weaker brain with a short memory might need to possess a lot more things for fulfilling desires and this leads to greed. To live a sustainable life, one needs to have a powerful brain processor.

Desire is useful and necessary as it helps us achieve something and be active. Without desire we will be lifeless. However, we need to channel our desires so that they get fulfilled without having to exploit resources.

One way to satiate the desire to possess material goods is to sublimate the desire to virtual reality (VR) tools. VR tools are basically 3D video games like aircraft simulation systems that allow the mind to have enhanced experience. As technology for virtual reality systems evolves and VR becomes more `realistic’ we would be able to take care of most of our desires with very little use of energy and materials. This should lead us to sustainability.

Satiation of desire requires energy and material resources and excessive desire leads to greed and hence to unsustainability. Unresolved desires produce memory knots or stresses that tend to direct the brain to generate anger, frustration and perhaps depression. This happens because thought production is channeled or influenced by existing memories. If the brain has more memory knots of unfulfilled desires then new thoughts will be centered and focused around them.

Anger comes easily when there is stress. You feel angry when things don’t happen the way you want them to. If you have a powerful processor, then your brain would be better equipped to deal with conflicts and anger. It theefore follows that insecurity and anger could be related.

The power of the brain processor is increased by availability of its working memory. This can happen with cultivation of deep thought so that there is dissolution of other memories and psychological knots. As memories increase, the absorption and digestion of inputs also get enhanced since the mind becomes hungry for more experiences and this increases our desires. As our desires increase both in quantity and quality the powerful brain-mind complex starts looking for a higher purpose. The “mind opening” or God experience allows interaction of mind with external and higher dimensional knowledge space and allows access to existing information, which are the basis of most discoveries and inventions.


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