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Our Poisoned Food Supply: Genetically Modified Foods

Once again I step upon the soap box to mention a few thoughts and concerns on the topic of "Our Poisoned Food Supply." This time I will speak on the dangers of the use and consumption of genetically modified foods or GMOs as they are more commonly called.

   This is a tough subject to mention to many whom seem to be extremely uninformed, whether consciously or by being mislead with false facts that the big corporate spin machines created, but in either case I'll see what I can do to shed some light on the subject and hopefully at the same time, add a shadow of doubt in your minds about your continued use and consumption of these abominable products by which, sadly perpetuates these products through demand !

   I would just like to state a few facts to jump start folks to think for themselves,... To plant a seed, so to say ! Ha-ha. That is if they are so inclined to let it germinate... To look deeper through beginning their own research in the quest for answers, because I'm well aware, you can't prove anything to folks, they have to learn it for themselves to believe.

   First let's look at a brief history behind the thought which has lead us down the path in the use of these products... the path in which is very quickly taking over and replacing the traditional fruits and vegetables in our market places with these poor imitations of the original made by, in my opinion, Mad Scientists !

   We can't start anywhere else but with the corporate giant of Monsanto which released the mega weed killing product of "Round-Up Weed Killer" which is such a big part of this story.

   I could go on and on about obscene products produced by Monsanto and the many insidious ruses they have pulled on the American public but that is a story for another day. I'll just stay on topic to keep this as brief as possible.

   The Round-Up product was used in a multitude of front yards across America and Monsanto made a Kings fortune with it, not with that alone though, Monsanto Chemical had been around for quite a while before hand making such old time favorites as Dioxin and Agent Orange... Not being content with their continuing successes though, they, as all mega corporations, are always looking for new lands to conquer and wished to expand their fortunes in the commercial agricultural field as well.

   Well let's see where all this has lead to... The thought that was initially behind Monsanto's use of these new GMO crops, was that GMO vegetables were higher in nutrients and would also need less chemicals if planted than the traditional crops, thus being a crop of a higher quality and less harmful to the environment than the ones they where replacing... That sounded great to many ... but they fell way short on all the claims as they are way less in nutrients and use way, way more chemicals !

   Needless to say Monsanto came out with these GMO seeds that were called "Round-up Ready Crops", in which they were were genetically altered to be highly resistant to their new weed killer/pesticide Monsanto provided for their commercial agricultural market. They also had plans to dominate this new market they were entering... So, once the farmers were told the lies I mentioned above in conjunction with promised government subsidies for beginning the use of these seeds... not to mention the time saving techniques which sounded like a sweet deal because instead of being very selective where on the fields farmers sprayed the product... So as not to damage the crop, they could just spray the entire field without worrying about harming the produce if it came into contact with the agent... What a time saver and who wants to work harder than they have to, Right ! That was the story, at least in theory... Does this sound like the use of less chemicals to you ? In any case you can see how this came about.

   Well, the story doesn't end there folks... Monsanto had farther plans for the products they were developing in this field, which get even more outlandish.

   They next developed GMO seeds that were genetically recombinated with the attributes of their products pesticide half... which means by itself the plant was extremely harmful if ingested by insects, actually bursting their guts wide open when they consumed it. Not only that but it was still highly resistant to the weed killer which is still used in conjunction with these crops... The best of both worlds for Monsanto as you can imagine.

   Now through greed, payoffs and strong arm tactics by this Mega wealthy and politically influential corporate, many of our traditional crops are disappearing... over 80% of some have been replaced already heading to 100% by using one or both GMO types if Monsanto continues to have it's way ! Corn, Soy Beans, Wheat to name a few with many, many more fruits and vegetables affected with the same goal... Which is that all crops to be replaced by Monsanto's Frankenfruit as they are becoming known as !

   It is a well known fact of the corrupt testing practices and false results fostered by Monsanto to push these and many other unsafe products onto the public ! Not to mention the "Bovine Growth Hormone" shot given to our dairy cows and many other insidious practices which pertain to this corporation that I will touch on in later articles because it is my opinion that no single company has done more to poison our food supply than Monsanto... if not by intent, which I'm not sure is not the case, then by reckless disregard for public safety in an insatiable greed lust, running after the pursuit of higher profits... neither case being unacceptable and or inexcusable by any stretch of the imagination.

   Many illnesses, maladies and afflictions have been laid at the feet of the Monsanto Corporation over the use of their agricultural practices and consumption of their products... If you doubt my facts let me tell you two stories that you can research if you please. The first of which is a story of an independent experiment conducted on mice which were fed nothing but GMOs... the result was that most of the mice developed tumors throughout their bodies with an additional strange reaction which happened in which they developed hair growth in their mouths. The appearance of this oral hair was explained by the scientists whom conducted the experiment as an affect of eating nothing but GMOs which was rewriting the mice's DNA... Really ?... and aren't we being fed this crap as well !

If that wasn’t enough for you here's the second story. It pertains to GMO cotton which was planted in India in 2006. Just in the picking of this crop by the field hands caused severe skin irritations, rashes and open lesions ! When this crop was feed to cattle about 25% of the cattle in the herd died after 5 to 7 days but it is rumored the entire herd eventually died... Frightening ! Since then GMO cotton has come here as well ! Something to think about when slipping into some cotton clothing or eating something made with cotton seed oil. It makes me wonder what the goals of the use of GMOs in the market place really are.

   I can go on and on but I won't... My point in this article was to spark an interest in people to take notice for themselves, to make them curious enough to start their own research... Hopefully I achieved that in you because I'm truly worried for your health and welfare as I was worried for the welfare of my own loved ones and myself when I researched the use and consumption of GMOs.

   Please check out the links I've provided below to help start you on your own path of research in this very dangerous and important topic... if not for yourselves, do it for the ones you love as I have done !

   All I can add as a final note in this thought, is to protect yourselves against these harmful crops and switch your diet to an fully Certified Organic one and stop using and consuming these products as soon as possible... If it doesn't have the "USDA ORGANIC" symbol on it, you don't want it in your mouth... I know it isn't cheap... I'm trying to deal with that too but I feel it's a necessity... as long as we consume GMOs , there will be a demand to continue their production and that demand was pushed on us ! Ask yourself Why? Push back and refuse to accept this madness !

A note of concern by Chip Pazur (

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August 11, 2010


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