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The All-Important Principle of Balance

There is a need to maintain a balance between spirituality and materialism. It is fortunate if one of the first lessons in a young life is about the all-important principle of balance — something that is missing in so many lives.

The message is simple, but clear. The spiritual path runs through the material world and therefore the world we live in cannot be ignored. It could be made better, more livable, spiritually and materially. But the balance always needs to be right: live spiritually, lead a principled life in the market, not in the caves.

Some might believe that revelation and reason are poles apart. Others use reason, rationality and science as synonyms, without making any distinction between them. But rationalism means to find reason, right or wrong, for what you believe in.

The delicate and complex system that keeps the human body alive is a sign that God exists with the argument going that the universe and human bodies cannot operate without an Operator.

Maintaining the desirable balance between spirituality and materialism is a lifelong struggle for most of us. It is a difficult struggle. One needs to be always alert to the possibility of excess on either front. The vigil must endure all the time.

Often, things that appear the easiest are the most difficult. Poet Ghalib, a leading champion of rationalism, once wrote:

A true believer always helps the needy and those in distress irrespective of colour and creed. That is the essence of balance.

This is true spirituality — helping the needy. The most spiritually well-off spend to relish all of life's pleasures and also spend to help the needy. No faith prohibits us from acquiring — and using — wealth, so long as we get the balance right and help the needy.

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September 28, 2010


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