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9 Ways To Increase Your Energy

Feel dead and lethargic all the time? Follow these quick-fix solutions before your foul mood starts playing spoilsport in your career and personal life.

It's not necessarily your job, or the stress of living in this city that's responsible for that constant body ache and a feeling of weariness. Bad lifestyle habits are known to create a sluggish environment that drag down other aspects of life with it. Nuri Khan, Studio5 Aerobics Center, and Dilip Heble, fitness expert and teacher, give you simple suggestions to boost your energy levels.

1. Ditch the Sugar
Fighting low energy levels with sugar is the worst way out. Sweets will turn a sluggish you into a jumping jack, but it will also get you back to square one in no time. The sudden surge in energy levels will be followed by a crash later. Continue with the zip-zap routine and you push yourself in a hopeless vicious cycle. It's advisable to keep your energy levels constant through the day.

2. Drink Water
A dehydrated body means the cells need more energy to flush out toxins and absorb nutrients. Collectively, it leads to a lot of energy waste. Do not wait till you start feeling thirsty as it indicates that you are already dehydrated. Keep a sipper at hand and munch on fruits high on water such as watermelon and oranges.

3. Fight Anger
Anger is exhausting. The energy that we channelise to express anger, if put to constructive use, can eliminate a series of problems altogether. At times, it is imperative to express displeasure, but anger is different. It damages your mental state and drains you of energy. Walk away, take deep breaths and tell yourself it's nothing that cannot be resolved.

4. Get An Energy Refill...
That six to seven small meals throughout the day is the key to constant (and steady) energy is well known. However, if you feel hungry in between, treat yourself to sprouts, fruits and a handful of nuts. They are high on fiber and keep energy levels stable unlike sugar. If in need of a quick fix, have a banana.

5. Don't overdo it
Stuffing yourself with high-energy snacks is no good. You will feel bloated and your body will need to invest a lot of energy to digest your high-calorie snack, making you feel lethargic.

6. Set a routine

Late night movies are great, but try and stick to a regular bedtime to align your body clock. If you find yourself wide awake at midnight and are yawning away in the day, it indicates your yo-yo routine. This only means that your energy levels are high — only at the wrong hours.

7. Avoid 'Energy' Drinks
They promise to get your energy levels soaring, but the unusually high level of caffeine in it will leave you dehydrated. Getting dependant on an external energy fix is the worst possible solution. Rely on them for a long time and your energy fix can cause blood pressure problems.

8. Have Sex...

Sex helps release feel-good hormones flushing out the dryness from an otherwise lazy life. It boosts selfimage and is the best form of workout. And any workout is good if low energy level is your problem.

9. Sleep First
Lack of sleep directly translates to low energy levels. And the quality of sleep is as important as the quantity. So switch those lights off and get some rest.

Run a check
If your problem is medical, following the above mentioned points will be of no consequence. If you feel exhausted even after a good night's sleep, it's time you consult your doctor for a complete check. Problems such as thyroid and anemia are known to send your energy levels for a nosedive.


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