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Crystals and Consciousness

Gems and precious stones can be utilized for personal protection and growth. Historically, people have been fascinated by these stones and wore them on their bodies, either displayed openly in a setting, or carried discreetly in a medicine pouch. What motivated them to do this?

Prehistoric inhabitants of this Earth are believed to have used stones as talismans for protection against seen and unseen forces. Early, evidence shows that inventive people learned to drill and carve precious stones to fit into shapes and symbols. More recent examples of this can be seen in Egyptian artifacts, which were used as ceremonial jewellery to protect the wearer from harm, in life and after death, for the safe and successful journey of the soul. Many remarkable works of art have been found on the mummified remains of the pharaohs, and other nobles. The gems used were carved and polished, and placed in settings which represented a variety of spiritual concepts. This was in addition to their energy related properties. I suspect that peoples of the past were aware of the intrinsic nature of various stones.

The word talisman comes from the Arabic; tilsam (magical figure), via the Middle Greek word telein (to initiate into mysteries), meaning "an object producing apparently magical or miraculous effects".

The Native Indian
Zuni tribe, in the American southwest, to this day carve what are called fetishes. A ‘fetish’ is a type of talisman which usually depicts different animals or symbolic figures. A person would wear their fetish to connect with a particular animal totem, and in this way purportedly a strong mystic bond could be established with the spirit of the animal. The particular energy that the totem accessed could protect and guide the wearer. Ted Andrews defines, in his book‘Animal-Speak’, a totem as "any object, animal, or being to whose phenomena and energy a person feels closely associated with during their life". The Zuni also create the ‘corn maiden’ which is used to bring forth fertility and abundance. It is interesting to compare the image of the Zuni corn maiden as a ‘goddess’ figure, with the iconographic use of the Madonna in Christianity.

On the African continent, we see similar art expressed in carvings of wood, bone and stone. The medicine men, who were often the carvers, consecrated each piece of art with strong ritual elements, for a particular person, who would then use it presumably for prescribed purposes. Traditionally their belief was that the‘spirit’ of what the object depicted came to abide within it. This has been called Animism. It’s relative, Shamanism, originating in northeastern Asia, operates with similar ideas, that the world is governed by unseen forces or ‘spirits’ that must be appeased or influenced for the good of the tribe. In modern times, where science and technology are the ‘modus operandi’, the shamanistic process, in the traditional sense of animistic belief, seems more or less eradicated....or is it?

Women and men still adorn themselves with gemstones in traditional jewellery, yet, has the genuine shamanistic process transformed into something else? Instead of ritual objects such as the medicine pouch and the talisman, there is now an abundance of personal high tech objects such as cell-phones, palm pilots and even handheld DVD players, which dominate, and interestingly, in all shapes and colors. Where ritual objects formerly were made with the intention to align one with their divine source, does this modern phenomena contribute to misalignment with divine order? Instead of connecting with true guidance, people are now communicating at an isolated distance. Are we becoming increasingly separated from our connection within? I’m reminded of the hypnotizing quality of computerized game toys that my nephews are preoccupied with. Their ‘heads’ are so closely locked into the games, that it seems they lose track of reality. Could it be that these things do not contribute to healthy relationships? Are they helpful tools to grow into an adult life?

Whereas indigenous peoples used their beliefs to sustain themselves and care for their tribe, we seem to have shown few such tendencies. Instead, we proliferate violence, economic slavery and addiction. Perhaps these seem grim words, but think about how much violence is broadcast daily, and how many of us have huge debt loads that require unfulfilling jobs. To cope, we often succumb to various addictions, from substance abuse, such as sugar, coffee and other drugs, to behaviors such as consumerism or workaholism. Very few are immune to addiction. Arguably, the fear based root causes, which are greed, abdication of responsibility and denial, underlay the current misalignment and lack of sustainability which jeopardize happiness. Often there is an unfulfilled desire, a searching going on inside of us, for who we are, what we are, for love, the ideal relationship, and the list goes on and on. Imagine how this manufactured vulnerability facilitates consumerism. How can fulfillment arise from such conditions?

The solution must be found within, through reflection and by letting go of
negativity and fear. This includes releasing our unnecessary attachment to things, harmful mental-emotional states and co-dependant relationships. Only this allows us to move into the light, and a state of self love and acceptance, which is the fundamental condition for receiving the love we all need. Perhaps the ancients knew something about a whole other world that we overlook in our busy rush for production and efficiency, where the $ is god. The media and marketplace are awash with pseudo- spiritual services and products. Caviat Emptor! What is divinely aligned, is for the user to discern.

I believe the ancients knew something about the cosmos around them, and invoking a connection to its source, whereby wellbeing and prosperity could be expected. Is it true that many today have misaligned themselves to a great degree from the source of creation and are suffering deeply as a result? If so, clearly there are solutions and remedies. It has been demonstrated that Crystals and Gems, used with intention, in a talismanic way, can harmonize misaligned energies and give one perspective into the healing journey. To illustrate, a Crystal Talisman operates similar to a tuning fork holding a precise vibration. Consider the analogy of piano tuning, where the body is the piano, the Crystals are the tuning fork and the tuner is one’s authentic self. In this way each person may accomplish the process of dissolving destructive patterns of thinking or releasing residual harmful emotions and become attuned to the divine order. This ‘work’ can become joyful fun when the process is understood.

By empowering ourselves thus, and by liberation from fear, freedom and wellbeing is the only possible outcome.

studied ‘Crystal Healing’ with teacher Katrina Raphaell at the Crystal Academy in Hawaii. She currently operates Kyirong Village at the core of Kyirong Organic Farmstead and Nature preserve in Ontario, Canada. Visit her blog at


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October 15, 2010


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