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Awakening To What We Really Are

From the smallest particle to the spiraling galaxies, the subatomic to the multi-universal, a matrix of electromagnetic circuitry connects, energizes and manifests creation in one unified body of harmonic resonance.  Our blood contains the same essence and molecular alchemy as the rivers that run to the sea.  Our bones made of the same elemental components as the ancient stone monoliths that silently witnessed the passing of ages.


We are continually exchanging a data flow of source intelligence with the body of earth in every form of life within her embrace.  Every nuance of celestial diffusion within our solar system influences our individual and collective field of consciousness as circuits of electromagnetic exchange bind us together as one living ocean of psychosensory co-creative space time coordinates within the unified field.

We are the amalgamation of various visible and invisible energy systems that together generates the human hologram.  The primary system that supplies this unit with the energetic nature of creative intelligence that bursts the field is the circuitry system.

At this time, the system is to a significant degree, non functioning.  The fact that out of 3 billion base pair chemicals in the human gene code, only 60 million are active and that we only use one fifth of our brain capacity are manifest signs that point to human genetic modification. 

To truly estimate the present condition of this planet and its race, whether to evaluate the integrity of its governing systems, its proclivity to conflict, disease and ultimately its mortal program, it is essential to factor into our calculations the genetic manipulation of the human dna.  For it is this together with our deviant orbit of the sun and the presence of a massive body of magnetic disturbance within earth's biospheric field that is creating a fear based mutant paradigm.

Like all else in the universe of electromagnetic information systems, the soul covenant embedded in the human matrix is built upon the vibrating infrastructure of energy pathways that follow geometric patterns.  Form is the shape of consciousness.  Conscious communion with sacred geometry is an intrinsic component in the reactivation of the divine immortal blueprint and the realization of a true space time continuum.

The New Paradigm

As this present cycle runs its course to begin its ascent upon the next evolutionary spiral, the structure of the material field is showing signs of extreme decay. Individually and collectively we face the deterioration of our socio-sexual, political, and religious structures, and witness the proliferation of environmental degradation, war, famine and genocide across our Earth.

There is a renewed collective calling to achieve a level and strength of personal transformation that ultimately impacts the global reality, a form of transformation that provides both deliverance from personal suffering and a clear understanding of how changes at the fulcrum point of individual awareness will impact the morpho-genetic influence vital to sustainable enlightenment and conscious evolution on a planetary scale.

At this time of challenge, we now have an opportunity to align with the higher physics of creation to resurrect that most awesome piece of biotechnology: the Human. This will require the acknowledgment of our totality. Not only are we physical, mental and emotional beings, we are electromagnetic beings.


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December 16, 2010


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