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Google Expands Its Surveillance Technology to a New Frontier: The Human Body

The company that wants to surveil your every move on the internet and beyond, has just brought its technology to a new area: they want to map your body. 

Google has just unveiled Body Browser, a detailed 3D model of the human body. Running only in browsers that support the new WebGL graphics standard (currently just Google Chrome or the latest Firefox beta), Body Browser is being marketed as the all seeing eye for the human body, and will allow users to peel back the body's anatomical layers, zoom in, and navigate to every facet of our digital person.

The plan is to integrate the technology with a slew of invasive video game platforms that will eventually scan the body for a dynamic controller-free and wireless environment. The playability will enable users to interact with video games like never before, using their bodies as virtual avatars.

Game reviewer Josh Taylor says that the Body Browser will eventually be integrated with all video game platforms. "We likely won't see the Body Browser connect immediately with video game systems, but future generations of Xbox and Playstation will likely see real-time integration of the browser built into their interfaces, especially once people begin to incorporate the tool with social networking to confirm biometric identity."

Microsoft’s Project Natal is delivering a new addon to the XBox gaming system that maps the exacts position of your hands, your fingers, your feet, your face, your nose, everything in a 3D map. It recognizes voice and faces and supports complex video chat for a complete interactive experience. Maybe too interactive, because in an Orwellian overstep, Microsoft has included face recognition technology which will allow you to use the meat, sinew and cartilage on the front of your head too as your password to log in to your Live account.

Sony Europe's Head of Developer Services, Kish Hirani, said the Playstation Eye will also have the ability to "detect gender and even the age of the face, separate facial features such as the nose, eyes and ears, and even detect whether you're smiling or not."

And taking a page from Microsoft's Natal platform, Hirani said the Eye will also support "skeleton tracking."

Of course millions of teens and young adults will jump at the chance of owning and scanning every segment of their body to play the next generation of video games. Unfortunately, once the images are uploaded online, their identities will forever be owned by nefarious levels of government.

Kelley Bergman is a media consultant, critic and geopolitical investigator. She has worked as a journalist and writer, specializing in geostrategic issues around the globe.


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December 20, 2010


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