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January 6, 2012
We Are Meant To Love People, Not Things

A major life lesson that takes many people a whole lifetime to learn is that the passion felt for material things and material wealth will never equate to how special loving someone and being loved by someone can make you feel. Someone who tries to fill a void in their heart by accruing more and more material items will never be as satisfied as someone who is willing to try to fill a void in their heart with loving others and being loved genuinely by others. Things like wisdom and knowledge are entities in the same as love, non-material wealth.

The only reason why people hold on to material things so dearly is because they feel that things represent value, but regardless of their cost, they actually have no value at all to add to the human experience.

Part of the realization of knowing you are all that is comes from knowing that consciousness is eternal Love. There is nothing else but Love and any manifestation of the opposite emotion is purely based in ego. Love can actually be experienced with everyone and everything. This Love then becomes unconditional.

We try and attach our love to material things, but this only leads to misery because we are not learning to love ourselves and others. The mentality only leads to further acquistion of more things. Although things too are part of consciousness, they do not allow humans to accelerate the mass consciousness required to change the world. Only love for ourselves and others can do that.

Love is knowing the deservability and worthiness of all. You are Loved so unconditionally by Creation that you can even choose to believe that you are not Loved.

When we start inquiring as to where this Love actually comes from in the first place, we realize that it’s not coming from outside of us at all! It’s actually coming from within. The Source of Love is within.

Whether people realize it or not, love is what we seek and need to sustain us. Although love is too immense and profound to be fully known in one lifetime, without love we are nothing. To love everyone as ourselves, we must love ourselves else our love for others is false. Until we give attention to others, we will not be able to grow spiritually. Our choice is between the spirit of God (self-love, love for others) and the spirit of self (selfishness, love only for self). By conquering self, we can change and grow easily, and know ourselves to be ourselves, yet one with the Whole. When we do unto others, the same will be done unto us.

There is only one truly significant work to do in life, and that is love; to love nature, to love people, to love animals, to love creation itself, just because it is.To serve God's creation with a warm and loving hand of generosity and compassion - that is the only meaningful existence.
-- Dr. George Rodonaia



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