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Health Freedom: Teetering on the Brink

The state of health freedom in present-day Canada could probably best be described by how a dart board feels on league night, as multiple threats converge on what remains of our ability to choose our own medicine.

With the passage of Bill C-36, a door was opened for the Ministry of Health to take direction from foreign authorities, revealed to include other nations, or groups of nations, such as the UN, or trade groups.  That open door leads to harmonization with natural health product regulations that will restrict our access and cut more deeply into our freedom to make choices in our own lives. And it is an open announcement that our government does not care one whit about what we think, because it has signed over our sovereignty to trade groups, one after the other, for years.

A lot of water has passed under that bridge, and now it needs damming up.

Our first concern needs to be the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA, with the 27-nation European Union; this is an incredibly far-reaching agreement, which opens up our resources, including our municipal water utilities, to privatization with foreign ownership. We only have one vote at that table.  Smuggled into Canada via stealth maneuvers by several governments, CETA demands deep integration of regulations over vast sectors of Canadian life, from agriculture to, yes, health products. These plans have been in place for decades.

Then we have the new Perimeter Security Agreement Harper is so hot to finalize.  This one harmonizes our regulations with those of the USA, now being knitted together by the new "Regulatory Cooperation Committee".  But wait!  Didn't we just say we were harmonizing with the EU in CETA? How does that work?

Simple. Make all the regulations match up! And with Canada's 10 signed agreements, and 12 more under negotiation, gosh... can you spot the global platform being forged here? We are shakily standing on the brink of losing our freedom to choose just about anything.

We don't have time to waste. If Canadians do not start standing up for Canadian sovereignty, there will be none for our children.  No pesky constitutional rights.  No vote of any consequence.  No right to make our own laws.  We will be ruled by foreign committee.
It's not just about natural health products any more: it's about our rights, our freedoms, and our ability to self-govern.  And none of us can afford to lose that.

by Dee Nicholson, National Health Federation of Canada

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February 15, 2011


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