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Attaining The Quantum Mind

The mindset we have has not helped us. It has led us to a mediocre reality. It has led us to accepting a reality that is full of suffering and pain.

We need something that is fulfilling, something that we can enjoy. Bliss will be the character of that existence. When can humanity as a whole get that reality? Is it impossible? No, it's not impossible. It is the very nature of our existence to be in bliss, to be in symmetry.

In quantum physics, they call it 'super symmetry'. There is super symmetry – at the particle level. Super symmetry is when everything is in perfect condition, but then we are far from that kind of reality. But we cannot access this reality if the mind is functioning in the same way as it is now. It has to function from a different level. And what is that level, where there is no knowledge, no ignorance.

All that we need to do is not gain anything more than what we have. As a matter of fact, it is a matter of losing what we have. Losing our ego, which is your 'i' consciousness, is the culprit.

Then there is maya which is again the mind functioning at a very gross level. Maya is only seeing material reality. You look at a banana but the banana is not the ultimate reality. The banana is composed of particles. Do we see any particles in the banana? We don't. We only see the banana whether it is a green banana, a ripe banana, small banana, or long banana. So, the bottom line: we don't see the ultimate constituent of the banana fruit which are a bunch of particles, but we only see a gross reality of the banana fruit.

Our consciousness has been trapped to process only gross realities. The quantum mind gives the ability to process quantum realities. We have to process quantum realities because it is the most powerful reality. It has infinite freedom, energy and intelligence. We should all embrace that quantum reality.

Everyone is going through only the gross molecular intelligence. We have no access to this quantum mind.

Is it possible for everyone to attain this quantum mind? Yes it is.

Reference Sourcs 202
March 17, 2011


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