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Get Over The Past

If you stick to your past, you will never find your path.

Sometimes our past is like a ghost, haunting us and weakening all our resolves. To get home or to reach our destination, we have to disconnect ourselves from the past.

As long as one remains tied to the past, all efforts to move away from it are ineffective.

The past is painful. If the past was bad, it was obviously painful. If it was good, then the present is not as good in comparison. Most of our pains are parked in our past. So, let bygones be bygones, because you can't change them.

The past, however, impacts our present, but not necessarily the future. Through apposite actions, you can create a new future. Look upon your past as a good teacher, but don't make it your current navigator.

Present moment awareness
Only about a fifth, or even less, of our thought-space should be occupied by the past as a seat of learning. If the past occupies more space, then repentance increases. Half or more of our thoughts should be occupied by the present, as the seat of action. If the space allocated to our present decreases, then inaction creeps in. A little less than a third of our thoughts should be occupied by our future, as a seat of hope and planning. If the percentage of the future increases, then anxiety levels shoot up. So, keep a balance between the three.

Use this tip: focus on the future. Thoughts of the future are free of frustrations.

Perhaps these lines of wisdom summarise the matter best:
"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference."

Look ahead
Here are ways to get rid of your past:

1. Have stimulating and motivating goals to be free from the grip your past has on you.

2. Immerse yourself in productive work, and experience the joy of encouraging results. This will bring you out of any guilt trip and rebuild your self-confidence.

3. Think of abundance. Do not think that all is lost and nothing is left. Many people have started late and become phenomenally successful. Focus on fresh possibilities.

"What is worse than losing everything? To lose the hope that you can get back everything," said Swami Vivekananda.

4. Trust yourself. Endeavour confidently to recreate a powerful future. Focus on the beauty of your future, not on the losses of the past.

5. Respect yourself and others. A sense of respect and gratitude are the fragrant flowers and succulent fruits of an optimistic attitude. Those who respect themselves and others, and have something beautiful and bountiful to look forward to are untouched by the pains of their past.

The past can't offer you anything new. Instead, it can take away something. So resolve today to leave the past - and fast!


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