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Is Our DNA Meeting The Challenge?

I have been having some strange visions and dreams as I detailed in my blog Dreams, Sightings and Chevrons. As a quick update, I have had three more of the ‘chevron’ experiences since the writing of that blog.

Because of the frequency of these events, I decided to do a meditation devoted to understanding the phenomonen. I will share what I was shown. I was shown that this is happening to a great many people, but it generally occurs during dreamtime so as not to disrupt or startle the person. The purpose of these geometric lights is to change the glandular and hormonal functions as well as alter the DNA. This will help the body accomodate some of the newer energies that are “raining down upon the earth.” It was shown that this will create greater resiliency in the body’s immune system and help assimilate radiation and other highly toxic and harmful frequencies.

If there is truth in what I viewed during that meditation, this is encouraging. There is evidence enough that a great deal is going to be demanded of our bodies, in fact, already is being demanded, to adjust to the levels of pollution, altered food sources, RF frequencies, electro-magnetic fields and radiation.

I recently interviewed a Russian woman, Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, with whom I had two incredible discussions. One was regarding conscious birthing, which I strongly urge you to watch in June’s lineup. The second interview, set to be released in July, is the background story of a group of young people who created a utopian society in Russia. Elena believes it was one of these young women who became the inspiration, and teacher, for Vladimir Megre in his book series titled Anastasia. Absolutely fascinating.

After the cameras stopped rolling and Scott and I were packing up, she told us of a little known radiation leak in Siberia near her birth home and place of growing up. The nuclear reactor plant was one of the oldest in Russia and had no backup safety mechanisms. Severe radiation leaks have been occuring for decades now, unreported.

The offspring of natives of the region have been increasingly deformed through the years in about half the population, says Elena. Something odd happened with the other half – they are thriving. She went on to tell me that when she read of, and watched, the news coming out of Japan regarding the nuclear reactor meltdowns she experienced this strange feeling. She said it was though she was in her element, the radiation supporting her in an odd way. That’s quite a thought to take in, but after my meditation I reflected back on that conversation.

To add to the fuel for thought, I recently read an article in Science Daily from March, 2010 that stated that increased levels of radiation from the sun are responsible for global warming. The readings of solar radiation data were collected from weather stations between 1959 and 2002. While their focus was on the need to reduce CO2 levels in response to this phenomena, I was more interested in the solar radiation trend.

Is it possible that the human species needs to become more “radiation friendly” for the sake of our survival and well being? I believe help is being given from every quarter as there is no victory in a potential annihalation of the human race. Perhaps these energetic imprints are but one of many ways in which we are being worked with, or altered, to meet a larger agenda. With that thought I am fully aware that we are multi-dimensional beings and that, just because our third dimensional conscious mind is not aware of these things, does not mean we aren’t willing participants in these “agendas.” This is quite possible, even probable.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that there is some grace from somewhere in all of this. A friend of mine who goes to Dr. Harvey Bigelsen said Harvey told him that virtually everyone coming into his Nevada City, California office for blood work is showing the presence of radiation in their system. And, there is no end in sight concerning the radiation leaks from Fukushima’s reactors.

I know that this is quite a panoply of information to take in, but I invite you to check into this with your own intuition and let us know if you are coming up with anything you find helpful or insightful. Again, it will take all of our intelligence, intuition and creativity to put the pieces of a rapidly emerging puzzle together.

Regina Meredith has spent over 30 years in the mainstream media, as an NBC sports broadcaster with Bryant Gumbel, a local news anchor, an environmental documentary film maker and host of a national PBS vegetarian cooking show. Since then she founded the Conscious Media Network and is a tireless and dedicated researcher, digging as deeply as possible into the information and potential implications to bring understanding and enlightenment wherever possible.



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