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It's All About Seizing The Moment

It's all about seizing the moment. Most of us tell ourselves we have all the time in the world for something we want to do, but never get down to. It's a wise few who balance work and life with a to-do list that they get down to realizing.

For some, the clock strikes as one reaches a milestone in terms of age. Take Sheila Raman, a financial planner who will turn 42 next year. Otherwise laidback, she is making space for outings and short trips with family and friends. She says, "Few years ago, I would turn down my friends, but I'll turn 50 before I know it and the time to indulge is now!"

Says author Namita Gokhale, "There are two ways of looking at things. You can either feel that time is running out and feel defeated or get a better understanding of things as you get older."

Danish Raza, film writer, decided to carve out extra time for himself by becoming more selective about the number of people he meets. While some like reflecting on times gone by, others believe in looking forward while taking lessons from the past, whereas there are those who don't believe in looking back at all. Actor Naseeruddin Shah is deeply inspired by evergreen actor Dev Anand who has always maintained that he never looks back. "I do reflect upon my past experiences, unlike Dev saab. I wish I had his quality of forgetting the past and looking forward," he says.

Says actor Ronit Roy, who failed to make a mark in films in the early 90s and later became a huge success on the small screen, "I don't look back, I am okay with whatever I have done - good or bad."

It's always important to look forward. It's good to look back, but without getting bogged down. Don't brood or bask in past glory.

We often hear people say that 24 hours is not enough and there's so much to do, and so little time. It's important to prioritise and organise one's schedule. Explains author and management guru, Gurcharan Das, "We have the ability to control time. The sense of time is different for people who live intensely. It is important to love your work, so that time doesn't hang heavy."

Says choreographer Shiamak Davar, "I always set an agenda for my day. It doesn't always go as planned but gives my day a direction. For me, even with all the meetings, work and teaching, it is essential to spend time with my mother, my family and my dog Elsa. I look forward to this quality time."

A good mix of quality time spent with family, friends and work is what everybody aims at. Planning their day first thing in the morning is a must for those who are organised. Says Dr Shamsah Sonawalla, a psychiatrist, "I thrive on to-do lists! I set aside time to meditate daily, exercise, pursue music, and spend time with family and friends."

Devita Saraf, corporate woman, expresses, "I value time more than money. I am one of those hyperactive people who don't waste a second and feel I have made small achievements when I have a full, productive and busy day - whether it is for work or spending time with family and friends or quality time for myself."

Don't wait to make the most of time... do it now!


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