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Education Is Not What We Learn In School, But The Gateway To The Art of Living

Education is not what it used to be. It is not years of memorizing useless facts and figures and regurgitating them on a piece of paper that gives you an education. Education is something that has a formative effect on the mind allowing you to grow and develop. We must learn to not dwell on the negative experiences many of us acquire from our conventional educational system and surpass these events to make room for true unconditional growth. This is education.

Every day people face negative experiences. Whether of greater or lesser importance, people generally like to live and reside in the space offered by these negative experiences. Once this becomes a habit, it has a negative effect. Then unpleasant experiences become a part of their active memory, till it becomes a jungle of negativity. The only way past them is to live in the present and understand you cannot change the past. This will immediately acclerate your growth.

Education is not just the means of making you a degree holder; it is the gateway to the art of living. Education enables you to think, to discover the principles of life, and to correctly evaluate your experiences. Education gives you the ability to know the difference between the achievable and the unachievable. If you are an educated person in this sense, you will certainly discover the value of the habit of forgetting and that the past is irrelevant.

The choice in this context is not between forgetting and not forgetting: the real choice is between living with all kinds of bitter memories and totally freeing yourself from them. Try to forget unpleasant memories, for the alternative to this is living in bitterness and that is not a good choice for anyone. Part of forgetting is forgiving and this is where many of us struggle. Always remember as the great Gandhi stated "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

The habit -- of forgetting -- leads you to many good things. It saves you from distraction, it economizes your energy, it prevents you from wasting your time, and it shields you from negative thoughts. All these things are so important for a better life that any sacrifice to achieve it is certainly worth it. It immediately changes your vibration, who you are what you are, what you do and when you do it. It changes everything about you. It makes you something beyond the physical.

In life your share is only fifty per cent. The rest of the fifty per cent is supplied by others. Living with bitter memories means that you are not ready to accept this law of nature. You cannot change the law of nature, so change yourself. This will give you the gift of a life you've always wanted and always imagined.

If you are not ready to forget what is forgettable, then after some time you will become addicted to this habit. Bitter memories are fed by bad experiences and so you tend to recall them every day. You will continue on this cycle until you are ready to change, understand and accept the fact that there is no other alternative but to forgive and forget to steer away from permanent obstacles in your path which prevent the true development of your personality.

Of the two kinds of memories, good and bad, the former gives you energy, while the latter takes it away. You have to appreciate this difference and try to live with good memories and forget the bad ones.

Memory is an integral part of your mind and the foundation of your education. There is no escape from memory. The only option is to try not to make memory a part of your conscious mind, but relegate it to the unconscious mind. And the forgetting habit serves that very purpose. We cannot delete our memory from our minds, but we can make it ineffective by storing it in the memory archives.

Memory when good is a positive guide, and when bad, totally negative. You have to control your memory rather than be controlled by it. Make your memory your intellectual storehouse and not the master of your daily conduct. Mastering this will allow you to be among the most educated people in the world.

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September 23, 2011


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