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October 4, 2011
There Is Only One Thing In Life That Is Certain

One of the main aspects of spiritual growth is the realization that you are a part of all that is. In fact, this is the only thing in life that we can be certain about.

Death and taxes are the typical illusions of certainty in ego land, however they are not certainties at all. Part of the realization of knowing you are all that is comes from knowing that consciousness is eternal Love. There is nothing else but Love and any manifestation of the opposite emotion is purely based in ego. Love can actually be experienced with everyone and everything. This Love then becomes unconditional.

Love is knowing the deservability and worthiness of all. You are Loved so unconditionally by Creation that you can even choose to believe that you are not Loved.

When we start inquiring as to where this Love actually comes from in the first place, we realize that it’s not coming from outside of us at all! It’s actually coming from within. The Source of Love is within.

Dive down even further and you’ll realize that not only is the Source within you, but you actually are this Source. You are Love itself. Everything you say, everything you do, and everything you are is simply a physical expression of the Love that you are.

You don’t exist in physical reality. Physical reality exists within you! You are physical reality!

There really is no reality outside of you. You actually are All That Is. It is all you. You are that. There is no one definition of reality that is any more real or valid than any other definition.

What we perceive in physical reality is nothing more than a collection of props, a projection of the mind, a big illusion.

What is real is the EXPERIENCE you’re having, not the props that appear within the experience.

If you suddenly make a discrete shift in beliefs, you will experience a sudden discrete shift in your Now reality.  The PRESENT is the Now result of what you Now believe to be most true for you.

Whatever your belief, the universe will support and validate that belief by attracting the circumstances, situations, opportunities and people into your life that will reinforce that "version" of reality. Reality can be ANYTHING you define it to be, according to your definitions, your beliefs.

You are consciousness experiencing consciousness, awareness becoming aware of awareness, the Self realizing the Self.

You ARE All That Is.

Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.


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