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October 26, 2011
CDC Votes To Extend Toxicity of HPV Vaccines To Young Boys

According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC), all males starting at age 11 should receive the toxic HPV vaccine Gardasil despite absolutely no evidence it protects them or female partners from human papillomavirus.

Boys Should Get Toxic HPV Vaccines Too

Thirteen members of the committee voted in favor of extending the HPV vaccine recommendation to young boys, and one member abstained. The recommendation now goes to the director of the CDC and the secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for final approval.

For the last several years, HPV vaccines have been routinely marketed to girls with a three-dose vaccine beginning at age 11 or 12. The vaccines have been mandated in compulsory injections in several states based on the idea that they prevent cervical cancer. However, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has no direct link to cervical cancer at all.

HPV vaccines have been proven to be flatly worthless in clearing the HPV virus from women who have already been exposed to HPV (which includes most sexually active women), calling into question the scientific justification of mandatory "vaccinate everyone" policies.

The prospect of requiring that preteen boys and girls get vaccinated against a sexually transmitted infection has drawn the sharpest outcry from many parents,

Gardasil increases the incidence of disease by more than 40 percent in certain people -- namely, those who were already carriers of the same HPV strains used in the vaccine.

Facts about Gardasil:
- HPV vaccine increases the risk of developing a precancerous cervical lesion by 44.6% in women previously infected with a HPV viral type found in the vaccine.
- HPV virus does not cause cervical cancer.
- HPV viral infections are self limiting and are not a health threat to healthy females and now males.
- This valuable information about the etiology of HPV viral infections has been suppressed from public knowledge.

NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher states that there are twice as many children collapsing and four times as many children experiencing tingling, numbness and loss of sensation after getting a GARDASIL vaccination compared to those getting a Tdap (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertusis) vaccination. There have also been reports of facial paralysis and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. To avoid unnecessary injuries, teenage girls should be vaccinated when lying down and not left unattended, and probably should not walk or drive themselves home from the doctor's office after they get vaccinated. (There have been estimates that fewer than 10 percent, even as low as 1 to 4 percent, of adverse events which occur after prescription drug or vaccine use are ever reported to government adverse event reporting systems (VAERS - vaccine adverse event reporting system).

If only 1 to 4 percent of all adverse events associated with GARDASIL vaccination are reported to VAERS, there could have been up to 38,000 health problems after GARDASIL vaccination in 2006 which were never reported, said Fisher. "How many girls are really having short-term health problems associated with getting this vaccine that could turn into long-term neurological or immune disorders? And how many will go on to develop fertility problems, cancer or damage to their genes, all of which Merck admits in its product insert that it has not studied at all? We just don't know enough to be mandating GARDASIL for anyone, much less vulnerable 11 to 12 year old girls entering puberty." NVIC - National Vaccine Information Center.

Are there ways to reduce the risk of cervical cancer in susceptible women, short of inoculating the entire female population?

1. Screening : Conventional treatment of early-stage cervical cancer is still between 95 and 100 percent effective, when having regular Pap tests. Pap smears are not done on approximately 33 percent of eligible women. (Over 20 million women lack health insurance and are less likely to have regular Pap tests than those with private insurance). Doesn't mandating vaccination for cervical cancer evade the urgent need to implement a health care system that includes Pap smears? (Wall Street projects that there will be $4 billion in annual sales for Gardasil).

2. Women who smoked - or were exposed to the passive smoke of others for three or more hours a day - had a nearly 3.42 times greater chance of developing abnormal cervical tissue (Slattery 1989). Women may also increase their risk through the use of recreational drugs and alcohol.

3. Maintain a strong immune system through a healthy lifestyle so as to ward off potentially dangerous viruses. The great majority of HPV strains are harmless. Practice "safe sex."


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