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November 2, 2011
We Are Progressing To Fourth Dimensional Lives: What Will It Mean To You?

All events in 3rd density are temporal and cyclic. That is the state of the 3rd dimension but it is also what we are moving beyond now to experience the 4th and 5th in time. Earth is rapidly ascending the a dimension where we will literally experience heaven on earth. What will it mean to you?

According to The Andromeda Council, a group of entities advising humans on major changes and a major stages of growth, the Earth is undergoing, a new vibration, new higher consciousness & awareness, a new existence is on the horizon for the first time on our planet's history.

It is a cleansing, a rebirth, a transformation. It is a transition. It is a new beginning and most important, it is simply an evolution.

1. Regarding our lives as 4th dimensional people. What kind of food will we as 4D Earth people need to eat?

ANSWER: First of all, 4D adults will not NEED to eat food. Their bodies can produce enough self-sustaining energy on their own. Food can be eaten to simply enjoy food, most of which is fruit that has as an integral part of its molecular makeup! digestible protein. This kind of fruit is eaten on many other worlds.

2. What about sleep. what kind of sleep will 4D humans need?
ANSWER: Since your 4th dimensional human body recharges quickly you will only need about 3 hours sleep, and yes, it will be a normal deep sleep.

3. With all of these changes in us, what about Earth humans who have a more challenging time adjusting to their new lives as 4D humans?
ANSWER: Should an Earth family choosing to stay on Earth becoming 4D humans, but are having a somewhat difficult time adjusting to their new 4D capabilities, there will be ‘sponsor’ families on board the primary Andromeda Council biosphere, and all of the Andromeda Council biospheres, who will provide sponsorship help, assistance for those who want it!. who can help these families more easily adjust. There will be single, individual sponsors for single adults & children as well.

4. Well, what will happen to young babies, 6 months old, 1, 2, 3 years old, the youngest of children? What will happen to the children during the transformation process? Will they remain their relative young age, or transform into something else?
ANSWER: Remember, whether this transformation is about adults or children, it is still a smooth, seamless, painless transition. For children who are here on Earth, they will continue life literally transforming into now 4D children so that they can continue to develop and grow.

5. Well, what will happen to the oldest of people the ones 79, 80, 81, 82 & older; and the people regardless of age. the ones on their “death” beds, on the verge of dying?
"a.) these healthy older people will retain the knowledge & wisdom of their age, and they will transform into having new 4D bodies. For those people who are aware of their original spiritual birth essence from when they were first born ‘1000s’ of years ago, they will be able to choose their original - look, face, body they were born with. They will most likely appear to be in their mid-30s. For those who are not aware of their original spiritual birth essence - the default transformation will likely have them automatically appear to be about 60 years old in Earth appearance, albeit a very youthful, ‘glowing’, healthy looking 60 years old. This transformation process will truly be about each person’s level of birth origin spiritual awareness.

"b.) those people on their “death beds” can have a choice. They can choose to either have their current bodies and physical look rejuvenated back to a healthy, glowing, approximately 60 year old self; or if they are aware of their original spirit birth essence body & physical look, they can request a transformation into their original body form.

"c.) if they die, if their 3D human body dies before the complete shift into the 4th dimension, their original soul essence leaves their body, they go to a temporary - ‘transit station’, of 4th dimensional vibration, out in space, and they can choose to: begin a new life, being born as a baby, on a completely different 3D planet; they can choose to go back to Earth in the near future now a 4th dimensional planet, in their 4th dimensional human form, or they can choose to go to another 4th dimensional planet.

6. What about work?
ANSWER: Yes. People will choose and follow a career path that is suited to his/her own strongest, unique gifts and abilities. At around 8,000 years of life, some people retire earlier like at 6,000 years, people start to retire from “full time” work. They decide to pursue new different interests that fascinate them. Please understand, there is also much greater freedom in the learning and working process in 4D life, as compared to 3D life. Again, these years are given in Earth terms so that you can have some current frame of reference.

7. What about 4D work? How, what are people paid?
ANSWER: However, here is where there is a big change. The people on virtually all worlds thriving and living in this density of life throughout the universe have their basic needs taken care of. Money does not exist. People do not get paid money. The economic system Earth will have is expected to evolve to a model based on the pure trade of goods and services, an exchange process. In your simple terms today you would know this as “barter ”. It is expected it will take about 10-12 years of current Earth time for your present, broken economic system based on money! to evolve to this new system based on trade. It is expected that many of your most forward thinking people, futurists, will come together on a formal advisory board to discuss the key aspects of this new system.

8. What about Education?
ANSWER: It formally starts at age 3, again, this is an Earth time comparative reference. The parents bring the child to the grand parents. The first lesson the child has is to learn to appreciate & live with all of nature. This is ‘pre-school’, if you will, the child will have 2 years of this kind of training. The child will then begin more formal training of their natural mental abilities, they will be telepathic at birth. They will be taught to understand the language of symbols, have language training, then history, geography, biology, astronomy - then star mapping, mathematics, engineering, astrophysics, and for certain adept children -- training their natural ‘healing’ abilities, this is about energetic sensing & atunement/adjustment. This all happens from ‘primary school’ all through ‘high school’, to use current Earth references. By the time people are between the ages of 13-15 years of Earth time, early teenagers, people know intuitively what their natural gifts are! what they are destined to do. Then, depending on which natural strengths or abilities each person has! they will then go on to a specialized university.

9. So, how much education?
ANSWER: In Earth terms: fifty (50) years of combined grammar & high school. Another 50 years of university, minimum. For people who want to be highly specialized, like at a masters & doctoral level, potentially between another 50-100 years depending on the person’s specialization, totaling 150-200 years of formal education. As an example, Zoltar, the commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere where many of the council meetings are held, his education was very technical, he has 300 years of education.

10. What about marriage?
ANSWER: We expect the norm will be that people will get married at the Earth equivalent of about 20-25 years old. This is typical on other 4D planets. This would translate into the ages of 1,000 -- 1,500 of 4D time. Some people can decide to get married later. Some people can decide not to get married.

11. What about sex. Will it be still enjoyed the same way?
ANSWER: Yes. Men & women will still have the same physical reproductive organs. All of the parts on men & women will all be in the right places. And Earth people will still be able to enjoy sex the same natural ways as you do now. But, not for the purpose of creating a baby.

12. Well, what about the process to create a baby. isn’t it similar to our current method of physical sexual procreation?
ANSWER: No. As a 4th dimensional person, the process to create a new life form, a baby, is the following: the man and the woman first face each other to get into ‘sync’ with each other, they then each open all of their chakras! each using the total energies of their unique life force projected through their charkas, each person connecting with the other! all the way up to the 3rd eye chakra. Each person extends his/her arms outstretched to the other person, his/her life force flowing from each, palms open facing the other person with a space provided between the palms! with the intent to bring a new child into their lives. They will need to continually focus to create and bring to completion the formation of this new life. They will see crystal like, light blue energy sparks, much like those you see from your “sparklers”, falling’ down like ‘snow flakes’ taking the form of a bright bluish ball of light, coalescing into the form of a newborn baby, but it looks more like a child of 6 month years old of Earth time. As this occurs the parents will need to move their hands downward, still open in a ‘cupped’ position facing upward to hold the formation of their new child’s body. Of course, the birth of a child is one of the most beautiful creations imagined. The total time once people sync-up with each other, continuing the focus to create the baby is: 20-25 minutes. They have to keep focused until the baby is fully created and formed.

"Babies must have food at birth to absorb the energies of food to sustain them. This goes on for about: 10 years, much like when 3D human babies stop breast-feeding. After this period each child will be able to generate enough self-sustaining energy! without the need to eat food. Just like an adult.

13. What will be the primary natural gifts & abilities of 4th dimensional Earth humans?
ANSWER: 4D Earth people will be natural telepaths! Even at birth. Telepathy -- the ability for people to communicate with one another, one person’s mind -- to -- another person’s mind, simply using the natural strength of each persons mind. Spoken words using your vocal cords are possible, but will not be necessary. Please consider, Earth people today only utilize about one tenth (1/10th) of their total mind capacity. A 4D Earth human will be utilizing virtually all of his or her total mind capacity during normal day-to-day activities. Yes, the power of the mind is very strong in the 4th dimension.
"Other natural 4D human traits include:
Levitation -- each person’s ability to float, to virtually ‘walk on air’, you will not need to touch the ground.
Telekinesis -- the ability to lift objects and move them around with your mind.
Teleportation -- you can literally transport yourselves on your own, without technology. You will literally 'think' of where we want to go, and you go there. Instantaneously. As 4D humans this ability is pretty much limited to transport from one spot on Earth, to another.

14. What about enhanced 4D human vision and hearing?
ANSWER: Absolutely! Your seeing and hearing becomes very acute, both of these become far ranging in terms of miles. And you will have the ability to ‘zero in’ a particular object, or hear a particular sound, simply by focusing. Both familiar & unfamiliar, you will be able to zero in on any object or sound that you want to.

15. What will be the more advanced natural gifts & abilities of more gifted 4D humans?
Teleportation -- skills from the prior teleportation definition, and in addition, you will also be able to teleport yourselves long distance, from Earth to another planet in Earth’s solar system.
Transformation -- you will be able to change your physical appearance, your look, color, height, sex! everything about your appearance. You can change your form at will, not any need any technology to do it! simply by using your advanced 4D mind.
Andromeda Council medical teams will make numerous people available to train Earth humans how to become familiar & comfortable with their new natural abilities! if they would like assistance.

16. Are there any distinct differences between people living a 4th dimensional life. and people living a 5th dimensional life?
ANSWER: Yes, the 5th dimension, many people have asked about this. Keep in mind each dimension, each density, has 12 octaves. In octaves 1-6 of the 5th dimension people have all of the above listed traits, and they function each on their own as an individual unique consciousness. Just like any one person.

About half way through the 6th octave people attain the ability to join a group consciousness that has a particular specific area of interest, if they want to. Each person can do this at will and merge into a ‘soul group’, work together for a while, and then separate again when he or she wants to. Sort of like when 3D humans work together on a work project for the life cycle of the project, and then separate again once the goals of the project have been accomplished. A similar analogy can be drawn here as well.

An example may be - a group of people who want to get together because they have an interest in plant life on different worlds. Together they can travel to another world to study that world’s plants. This is only one example. There are countless.

A big difference, a key difference, in 5D people is that they do not require ships or technology to travel from one galaxy to another! they can create & perpetuate their own protective shielding without technology, split apart when needed, and come back together."



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