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November 8, 2011
What Fuel Is Inside Every Human Being, Works Slowly But Never Depleted and Usually Ignored?

There are many fuels which allow our emotional body to perform. Every human being born on this planet is a source of this fuel, yet its natural state is often corrupted by fear and hate. However, if we were to embrace this everlasting fuel, the other opposing emotions which mostly govern our world would have little effect on our daily lives.

If life is a journey, and the human being is the vehicle, then the best fuel for a successful completion of this journey is love. This is a secret that is known to all, but implemented by few.

And when we substitute some other emotion and make it our our fuel, the vehicle cannot perform as well as it should. The journey of life is then no longer smooth, but becomes jumpy, noisy, bouncy, uncomfortable, and prone to frequent breakdowns, and constantly needing help from others to set it right.

Unlike fossil fuels which are used in actual vehicles, the fuel called love is available in plenty and is unlikely to become depleted. Every human being born on this planet is a source of this fuel called love. He or she is capable of loving 24X7. Love is our natural state. Unfortunately, when this natural state is corrupted, it results in adulterated fuel being produced and used to run life.

This is especially significant in present day as central to appreciating the global transformation we are undertaking is the understanding that the worlds of space, time and matter, and of self and other, are reflections of the fear and love in our own consciousness. It does not matter what happens in the world outside us. What matters is the choice we make over our own inner state of being in the face of anything we might normally label "good" or "bad."

Love works slowly as compared to its opposite emotions, fear and hate. Though love is natural, hate and fear come to us more easily. If you want to get a group of people together for a common cause and under a common banner, love for something might take you years to unite them. Hate and fear can work in a matter of minutes. Hence, the natural enemies of love are much more powerful and appealing. Love appeals to the true being or soul, while the mind thrives on hate and fear.

Fear is the emotion created by the thought that we may not be able to have something we think we need, or that we might lose something we have that we think we need. Every thought is based on a belief, and as it happens, most of our beliefs are mistaken. By examining the belief behind any particular fear, and seeing how mistaken that belief actually is, the fear is eliminated.

As an example, many of our external fears stem from a belief that there is not enough of what we need to make us happy, such as material resources of food, fuel, shelter, and clothing. In fact, Earth is the Garden of Eden and can produce all the resources humans need many times over when we work together in loving cooperation.

Why does fear predominate our lives, when we all know that love is the true fuel of life? This is where the mind comes in. Our true being or spirit thrives only on love. But between our spirit and body is another important entity, the mind. The control of our lives, instead of being in the hands of the spirit, has been taken over by the mind. And the mind is a very complex entity. It is logical and illogical, rational and irrational, good and bad, loving and hating, giving and grabbing, killing and rescuing, full of hope and help, while also filled with hopelessness and helplessness, simultaneously. The mind is a paradox, unpredictable, and unknown, with its own way of functioning. It is volatile and restless, but yet, it constantly seeks peace, stillness and stability.

To be with the mind means our lives would be like a roller coaster ride. The stability and stillness that we seek in our lives, the rest and relaxation that we crave for, the peace and calmness that we desperately need, are not to be found in the arena of the mind. If they are found, they will come coupled with their respective opposites. This is the duality of life. Duality is always of the mind. The spirit or soul is always one. And it needs only one fuel and that is love.

One cannot get love without first giving love. That is the law of Nature. In existence, giving comes before receiving, sowing comes before reaping. But most of us seek and hope to receive without wanting to give. So, first give love if you want to be loved. And then we will receive love, a thousand times more. It needs us only to take the first small step of giving. The Buddha used to say to his disciples "If you knew what I know, about the power of giving, you would not have a single meal in your life without first sharing it with someone".


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