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December 9, 2011
We Will Free Our Minds: No Truth is Universal, Ultimate or Absolute

Stress is primarily caused by conformity to standards and structures. If we don't conform to societal norms, we are considered as bad. It's time to break out of our box as we strive to live in a world where we are not confined. We should minimize any rigid structures or concepts we have about customs, traditions, rules and regulations, whether they deal with politics, economics, health or wealth.

To experience liberation, first we have to free our minds from misunderstanding. All faults, misconceptions, sufferings and stresses stem from a lack of understanding about relative truth. Everything is relative. Besides love, there really is no universal, ultimate or absolute truth.

This relativity also tells us that there is no need to be stressed or worried. Everything in the world is impermanent. In addition to the suffering of impermanence, there are many kinds of stresses that derive from nervousness. You may believe that things have to be this or that way, which makes you nervous.

Nowadays our education is always concerned with competition. You have to be the best "fill in the blank." Children are always looking for the best, but since nothing is the best, stress comes.

You have to run after the rainbow but you cannot catch it. Therefore, the stress seems to be endless. We feel we have to work very hard because we have to show our wealth. Our home, our car, our way of living should reach a certain standard. But we will never reach a standard when we say, "Okay, now I've reached where I want to be, so now I can relax. I am now the richest and the best in the world." We will never get there because it is not monetary or material means which will ever facilitate this.

Best of both worlds

Know that the life we live is relative and then you can work for money, have a family and lead a normal, fun-filled life. Without contentment, satisfaction and happiness, what are you working for? You are working like hell for suffering. You are looking for more and more suffering if you remain fixated on monetary and material gain.

Know that your invisible nature is as vast as your ability to comprehend it and is as measureless as your thoughts. You are a ternary composition made up of moveable atoms. Movement is life; balance carries movement forward. When you are virtuous, you are living in the flow of balance, a flow of movement.

We don't have to abandon this busy life in order to get rid of stress. The best solution is, acquire some knowledge. This little bit of change in your mind will make a big difference. Even though the change may be small, the difference that you feel in your lifestyle will be tremendous.

There is no need to be anxious or have a strong emotion to run after something. This is also true for spiritual practice. We need to practise compassion well, but this doesn't mean that we need to be nervous. We don't need to practise anxiously and nervously, saying, "Oh, I'm getting old now and I have to finish all these things". No, you can get old and you can die. You may even die tomorrow, so what? You will be coming back, as there are many lives to come. We should just improve the quality of every session in the continuity of life.

The universe is kept intact by the energy of Love, and Love is the one quality necessary for the advancement of human beings in virtue and truth. It is the only universal truth and it is carrying us forward into the next level of human and spiritual evolution.

Very soon. you will not be the same human you are right now. You will be a new human. Free your mind and enjoy the ride. What awaits is what you have been seeking, but you must accept yourself as you are.


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