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March 5, 2012
Why You Need To Add Strawberries To Your Daily Diet

Full of antioxidants, strawberries are perfect for curbing cardiovascular disease, cancer, and delaying aging. In fact, studies suggest that the high antioxidant levels in strawberries can help neutralize the negative effects of free radicals in your system.

One strawberry contains two calories, less than 0.1 gram of fat, 0.5 total carbohydrates, 1.1 mg of calcium and 10.7 mg of protein! It's definitely a healthy choice!

Who doesn't like strawberries? Not only they look absolutely delightful, they are also delicious. Nothing can match the magic of enjoying a bowl of strawberry with fresh cream.

We all know strawberries are delicious, but they are also nutritious, and ideally should be a part of everyone's daily diet. You'll enjoy some health advantages by eating strawberries regularly, and the best part is strawberries are one of the most delicious fruits.

Don't forget to buy organic. Strawberries are very heavily laced with pesticides so try and stick with organic sources. Organic varieties in season won't break the bank either as they're often 50 cents more than conventional.

Strawberries are rich in potassium, a mineral that helps regulate the electrolytes in your body, lowering your risk of heart attack and stroke. They also contain folate, a key ingredient in the manufacture of red blood cells.

Adding fresh strawberries to your diet, whether they are in salads, smoothies, or on their own (with melted chocolate chips), is a great way to get the servings of fruit you need for a well-rounded body and a healthy immune system.

They are a rich source of vitamin C and contain more of this vitamin than citrus fruits. This is helpful in fighting off some forms of cancer and also helps with bad cholesterol. Strawberries are packed with B2, B5, B6, vitamin K, copper, and magnesium. They also contain omega fatty acids and essential fibre.

The combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents found in strawberries is well-known to fight against the onset of many different forms of cancer. Thanks to the vitamin C, folate, and the flavonoids, strawberries are a great defense against potentially cancerous cells.

Just remember that unlike other fruits, strawberries do not continue to ripen after they are picked. So while buying strawberries, choose the ripest, reddest strawberries, as they will provide the best taste and the highest nutrient density. Once you buy them, remember to preserve them well.


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