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March 6, 2012
Stop Smart Meters: A Film We Must All See

An upcoming community-based film about the "No Smart Meter" revolution, gathering steam in Canada, the US and around the world. Find out why it is critical that we occupy our power, and take a stand now at this key time in history.

The first time every a known health risk has been forced onto citizens everywhere.

In May of 2011, the World Health Organization official recognized that wireless radiation such as emitted by "smart meters" is a possible carcinogen. After decades of corporately-funded, biased research being held up as "industry-standard", there are hundreds of independent peer-reviewed scientific studies now showing there is a clear health hazard with technology emitting wireless radiation in the range that "smart meters" do. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people with a "smart meter" installed, have contracted illness, insomnia, rashes, headaches, and worse. And many have been forced to leave their homes entirely, due to health effects. What's more, in apartment buildings where 30+ "smart meters" are installed in a single electrical room, the dangers are even higher. There have been no long-term health studies done on this high level of Electromagnetic Radiation.

No Health Protection

BC Hydro’s assertion that the microwave radiation emitted by smart meters is well below the level set out in Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, is both deceptive and dangerous to public health. It allows for levels of exposure many thousands of times higher than what independent and peer-reviewed medical research dating back 35 years has clearly shown to be harmful. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) causes quantifiable and significant disruption and damage to human biological systems as well as all other animals, insects and plants. Furthermore, up to 5% of the population is officially recognized by the Canadian Human Rights Commission as suffering from Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS), a condition that can make people very sick or debilitated. Almost ALL of us are affected by this radiation. We just don’t realize it yet.

No Privacy

The smart meters being installed by BC Hydro contain a second wireless transceiver that is specifically intended to ‘provide a built-in communications pathway into the home for data presentation, load control and demand response’ (manufacturer’s literature). The purpose of this is to monitor and control the new generation of ‘smart appliances’ that are already being sold to unsuspecting customers. These appliances include virtually EVERY electronic device in the home or office. BC Hydro claim that this is for the customers’ convenience but ONLY Hydro can turn this transceiver on or off. This amounts to UNWARRANTED, 24-hour surveillance of all your household activity over which you would have NO control. This so-called ‘home-automation’ function is already available via third-parties, offering the user complete choice and control using existing technology. There is no justification for BC Hydro to provide this service through smart meters.

No Security

Although BC Hydro are claiming that they will be using ‘bank-style’ encryption and security for their data transmission and storage, it is well known that wireless communications are the LEAST secure. Furthermore, the smart grid may well become highly susceptible to hackers who, if successful, could shut down the entire electricity system, causing obvious and massive disruption. This threat was recently described by a former director of the CIA as one of the greatest dangers currently faced by the USA!



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