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April 30, 2012
Landmark Rebuttal on 'No Parent Should Be Able To Opt-Out on Vaccines'

Dr. Paul G. King, vaccine specialist and long time adviser to the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) has once again brilliantly rebutted another outrageous editorial (Baltimore Sun) from a CDC brain washed, John Hopkins award winning, up and coming hope-to-be pediatrician and public health authority whose intention in this editorial is to stimulate and expand the current, already audacious medico/fascist philosophy of our nearly fictionalized "free" nation.

Read Dr. Paul G. King's fabulous rebuttal.

By any means in its control, the editorial author, the establishment-educated, Rathi Asaithambi, advocates that government must force unwilling parents to commit what they feel is a dangerous and potentially harmful act against their own children-that is, to act against their own better judgment. He has the contumelious temerity to state, "Although parental autonomy should be respected in many situations, parents do not have the right to gamble with their children's lives." Read editorial.

Perhaps it would be better articulated, in a society still claiming to be of free people, that government has no right to interfere in, and has no right even to attempt to usurp the decision making, life supporting power inherent in the deep loving bond - the natural, God-given intelligent, intimate, spiritual, biogenetic, personal relationship between mother and child!

Are we going to continue to let our children become defacto property and debilitated, drugged, wards of the state?  It is the family that has to bear the daily burden of the injurious consequences forced on them by State mandates. Contrary to Mr. Asaithambi's assertion, in a nation that claims its people are free, it is the State who does not have the right to "gamble with our children's lives" as if some of us are "expendable" for the sake of the "collective"- as if the abstract and distant State knows how to nurture and protect a child far better than its direct and immediate parents.  Here are some personal stories of the State forcing us to harm our children against our better judgment.

Moreover, it is well known in metaphysical circles as well as in the narrow world of physical medicine, that one never goes into an operation distrusting the physician or with a belief that there will be a negative outcome.  So, how can we be legitimately allow ourselves to be prevailed upon to hand over the welfare of our little boys and girls to the State when such an action would be contrary to our belief system?

25% of American children are on psyche drugs after receiving an irrational amount of mandated and recommended vaccine insults to their immature bodies. (Watch trailer on These children are forced by concerned but unenlightened parents and teachers to medicinally mitigate the symptoms of their children's physiological (emphasis added) vaccine induced injuries by accepting fallacious diagnoses of mental illnesses - ADHD, ADD, OCD, Bipolar, Autism derived not from physician transcendent healing intuition but from an inconsistent and arbitrarily devised "official" stake holder, industry Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

Twenty-first century doctors are educated under a relentless new medical model comparable to Confined Feeding Animal Operations (CAFOs).  Under the voluminous weight of incomprehensible FDA approved biotech pharmaceutical products, brain altering substances, vaccines, nanotechnology, cloning, genetic engineering, and the artificial synthesis of human/animal lifeforms, recently educated physicians are robotically infusing a factory-farming model of humanity into a predominantly, unconscious society.  Legislators, such as those in California pass bills that authorize the state to inject under-aged children with vaccines without their parents' consent or knowledge. Although many activists aspire to change the course of things by ridding the playing field of unenlightened legislators and politicians, as long as the people are unawakened, politicians will reflect and represent the unawakened consciousness of the people, the sheeple. 

Having pre-paved the path to top down global control by successfully damaging, to a variety of extents, the body/mind of each and every incarnating individual since the introduction of overwhelming vaccine mandates and psyche drugs, their on-going missive is visibly manifest in our current national condition where children are shooting each other at school and hanging themselves by belts and ropes
 (see suicide flyer download) in their parent's laundry room. Click here for  4,800 stories of suicides/homicides -- from medication; 1 out of 88  children born are full blown autistic; 1 out of 6 are developmentally damaged according to the CDC who are likely to have underestimated the statistics.

Under the absolute authority given by the State to establishment-approved physicians - parents are being psychologically abused by their pediatricians and forced to rely on mental illness medication, dumbing-down their own children, inflicting on their progenies drug-induced injuries and psychoses daily until the divine incarnate beings appear no more than mute vegetative properties of the State. 

In Washington State and perhaps soon in California in order to get a "religious exemption" from vaccines, the State forces the parents to go to a board-licensed physician to get royally drilled about the benefits (but not generally about the risks) of vaccines prior to being even considered for a "religious" exemption.  Speak about a sharp stick in the eye to our founding fathers that built this country on religious freedom.

Mr. Asaithambi's Baltimore Sun editorial is published on the heels of another appalling Des Moines Register editorial by another MD who has the effrontery to use the sound bite "child endangerment" addressed to parents who feed their children raw, unprocessed farm fresh milk:  Feeding Raw Milk to children is child endangerment.  I responded to the doctor on the raw milk issue with an impassioned response on behalf of all women. This commentary by me over medical/legislative tyranny is not to undermine the importance of other liberty eroding current events such as the DNR forcing family farmers to kill their hogs, because their hairy heritage pigs don't meet CAFO/stakeholder livestock specifications  (established breeds soon to be genetically engineered).

Nations' political ideologies are based on a philosophy.  We had a free America based on the philosophies of freedom from oppression; religious freedom; freedom from burdensome taxation, illustrated by our founding father escape from British rule and tyranny.  Today America's philosophy is based on the philosophy of financially-driven corporacracy, the neocon philosophy of Leo Straus and fascist utilitarian philosophies urging collectivism over individualism all for the purpose of forcing a top down model of controlling, the individual, the nation and the world. 

We have given enough attention to the problem. What is the solution?  Metaphysically speaking, the problem and the solution are two separate and distinct "frequencies".  We need is to rally around -resonate with - those who are resonating in the frequencies of "solution" and who are expounding the Yogic (union of the self with the Self) philosophy, which in reality is a timeless, cosmic Spiritual idea of "S/self government", S/self-empowerment, S/self-awareness. It is not about changing the outer circumstances.  The train has gone too far along on the track to stop it.   As Louis Farrakhan said...the power and peace belong to "those who master the self..." 


Eileen Dannemann is a 35-year practitioner of TM, a proponent of Christian Science and resonant to the material found on website.

Message from Eileen Dannemann, director, National Coalition of Organized Women and founder of the student Vaccine Liberation Army:  Most of you know by now that I am an activist.  I have metaphysical underpinnings -- Why I am an activist   --  perfectly articulated by Annie Besant, the late and former metaphysician and president of the Theosophy Society.  My children went to the Rudolf Steiner School in New York and Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Fairfield, Iowa. It is to be noted that Rudolf Steiner, Annie Besant and Madam Blavatsky founder of Theosophy warned vigorously against immunizations. Dr. Steiner on the 1918 flu epidemic.

To master the to recognize who we really are.  We are, for the most part, non-physical with our physical counterpart functioning as the vehicle for Totality's expression-as the sense mechanism of the Universe. Our physical apparatus is likened to the tip of the iceberg. Each and every one of us is an individuation of the same unified One Source, Totality, ALL. That is our connection and we are all in this together. It is our evolutionary opportunity in the face of destruction to be birthed once more into a higher octave of experience...mastery of the self.  Changing the circumstances of our oppression, moving the chess pieces around the board,  must give way to changed and ascended perceptions starting out with the concept that everything that is, right now, is just and perfect - having been correlated by an infinite creative intelligence that keeps the planets in its orbs and correlates, at infinite frequency,  the past, present and future of all sentient beings.  Just desserts, just desserts..but oh Lord how it hurts!

When we realize that we are Totality in motion (in the relative) our actions are no longer derived from our small-truncated egos and personalities, separate from Totality, but from our established Being/being, whole, as both Absolute source and its relative expression.   Established in Being, performing action, our life's purpose is expressed automatically in spontaneous right action, albeit perhaps not always perceived by others to be correct, however our actions are, in fact, in time with the timeless.

I leave you with this advice from His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1992 about our current times and phase transition, which I crudely translate as "being at the hub of the wheel while the tire is flapping against the pavement".  All enlightened beings have given us the technique for ascending out of the depths of matter.  Here is one word of advice from such a Source:

 "In order to establish order, disorder has to be shaken; and for shaking to remain under control, we who are at the basis, at the level of Para, have to "be" Para. That is... unreachable by the surface turmoil.  In that integrated state, the fast moving chaos and change will pass away in a steady manner. So we have to be very steady. We have to be very careful not to get upset by little or big things. If we lose our basis, our dignity, the phase transition will take much longer. Don't give importance to things, which may upset us. This is a very precious time for the world. Everything depends on how our awareness is; just don't let it be shaken. Our awareness is the basis of all these transformations. More than ever before, time demands we remain completely ourselves. It is a very tender, delicate time for us-we should not become angry, indifferent, or sad; we should just be like an ocean. The evolutionary power is waking up. We shake it, then leave it; then after some time shake it again. Each time a new level of purity, awakening is added." ---His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1992

                                           Established in Unity, perform action!

Eileen Dannemann is the director of the National Coalition of Organized Women and founder of the student Vaccine Liberation Army.


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