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July 18, 2012 by DAVE MIHALOVIC
Media Blames Multivitamins For Schizophrenic Man's Psychosis and Murder of Father

of the absurdity of the claim, the mainstream media will stop at nothing to demonize vitamins. The CBC reported on a news segment which attempts to place the blame on multivitamins for a schizophrenic man's murder of his father. Adding further insult to injury, the report remarkably highlights the fact that the man's lack of anti-psychotic medications are the cause for the violence.

The story found on the CBC website headlined "Mentally Ill Killer Tried Vitamin Therapy, Court Told".

We know the media and scientific community have attempted to trash the reputation of vitamins for decades, but these are the types of stories that hit a new low.

Jordan Ramsay, 27, was charged with the second-degree murder of his father, Donald Ramsay, 53, and the attempted murder of his mother, Wendy Ramsay, but pleaded not guilty on both counts because his lawyer and the Crown prosecutor said that he should not be held criminally responsible due to his mental disorder which needed to be controlled by anti-psychotics.

A Supreme Court justice eventually ruled that Jordan Ramsey was not criminally responsible for the attack.

According to the CBC, "the court heard that Jordan Ramsay was attempting to treat his mental illness with multivitamins rather than his prescribed medication."

"The accused was off his prescribed medication and was trying to treat himself with a brand of multivitamins called True Hope Empower Plus, which is marketed on the internet to people with mental illness."

"The evidence shows that at the time of the murder he was off his prescription, and the only pills found at the crime scene were vitamin capsules."

According to their website, EMPowerplus is a unique, micronutrient formula proven effective in reducing or eliminating the symptoms of bipolar, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. 16 medical journal publications, plus many individual doctors’ observations, have shown significant reductions in the symptoms of bipolar and other mental disorders. The ingredients are listed here. Hardly a formula that would cause delusional behavior and psychotic tendencies.

What I find fascinating about this story is the irony. The claim that the vitamins and lack of anti-psychotic medication were the potential cause of the man's actions are preposterous allegations. Both are misplaced claims with absolutely no supporting evidence. This is simply another controversial storyline the media hyped up to further promote the anti-vitamin agenda that never dies.

How many blatantly false distortions of studies have been designed to convince the public that vitamins are somehow useless? The popular press, which maintains an incestuous relationship with the pharmaceutical industry, once again demonstrates it is little more than a mouthpiece for the pro-pharma propaganda machine.

What the medical and psychiatric communities never want exposed is that anti-psychotic medications cause suicidal and homicidal tendencies. Years ago the genome project identified the main metabolic pathway needed to metabolize 25 - 50% of all psyche drugs and street drugs. Common psyche drugs such as Adderall, Haldol, Respirdal are on the list that needs the Cytochrome P450 gene 2D6 in order to be metabolized.

Many mental health patients cannot metabolize 25-50% of the psyche drugs. Many of these non-metabolizers are given more and more psyche drugs as they become more and more psychotic and kill someone else or become disabled in a mental institution.

Why are they becoming more psychotic? Because without an active Cytochrome P450 2D6 metabolic pathway the drugs are accumulating in their liver, and cannot be metabolized or exit their bodies. This is likely what happened to Jordan Ramsay. His body could not recuperate from the onslaught of anti-psychotic medications with simple vitamin therapy. He would have required something far more potent in terms of detox, cleansing and a restoration of critical immune, hormonal and metabolic pathways to bring back his toxic cells to a healthy balance. So it's very easy to use vitamins as the scapegoat when the damage to Jordan's body took years via toxic medications.

Truehope president Anthony Stephan told CBC News "a number of people have used this protocol for schizophrenia and have been extremely successful."

CBC News also highlighted statements from Leeann Ramsay, a big supporter of toxic medications, to support their agenda.

"If Jordan was properly medicated under a psychiatrists care, he'd be here today," she said.

Ramsay says people should be warned not to allow family members to go off medicine prescribed by a psychiatrist.

"This is a really serious disease and you have to be properly medicated and you can't mess around with alternative medicine," Ramsay said.

I urge readers to view some of the valuable comments (which they have now closed) under the story. There are likely disinformation specialists and paid commenters supported by the CBC agenda who dominate the forum, but there are also many valuable points from those who are aware as well.

There are many misinformed, misguided and loyal believers in prescription medication. Fortunately, their support of a dying era of pharmaceutical drugs is fading, but there is still a large contingent that will continue to favor medication as a primary source of intervention for psychiatric and other disorders, without ever understanding that medication is not and will never be the solution to prevent disease.

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.


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