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January 29, 2013 by MICHAEL FORRESTER
Shining A Spotlight On What We Desire On Planet Earth

People are generally attracted by bad news, gossip and all the horrors in the world. It makes news and also makes a lot of money. So when we find ourselves in the midst of chaos day after day, why does it surprise so many people if this is what we project out into the universe in the first place? The Earth and its experience, as well as that of its inhabitants are a direct reflection of the energy that is put forth. Think and feel limitation, corruption, greed, hate, insecurity and you will get it. Think and feel horrific events and you will get them. But what if you changed your perspective in the opposite direction?

Above, a truly amazing being Abraham Hicks puts perspective on an embittered and disillusioned man's opinions about reality.

"You represent in your discourse here, the perspective of humans who believe they are not the creators of their own reality."

"You have taken upon yourself the discomfort and discord of millions of people."

"When we say that it's the best of times and the worst of times, we're not kidding, because the contrast does get greater and greater. Man's ability to inflict pain and harm upon one another is also increasing, as is man's ability to find love and harmony."

"Someone who feels as strongly as you do, would say, 'Well you're just teaching people to put their head in the sand -- that ignorance is bliss.' And we would say, head in the sand is good if the alternative is being focused upon something that will cause an attraction of unwanted -- and ignorance IS bliss if attention to the unwanted causes you to practice a vibration that causes a point of attraction that brings you more of what you don't want."

"Here is the most significant thing that we want to say to you. It is not important to us what you believe because what you believe is yours to believe. It IS important to us, what we know to be. We have discovered that by knowing what we know, our life is one of joy, and you've discovered that by knowing what you know, your life is one of misery. We just want to explain to you that there are choices."

Our choices shape our experiences and perception. It's a hard pill to swallow when many people first realize that they create every second of their reality, no matter how joyful or how horrific. So when we place our focus on all the negative, we continue to get all the things we don't want...all the negative.

In our society, more people will choose to watch the criminal trial of a celebrity rather than the biography of a truly great human being.

We must understand that information (whether positive or negative) that is perpetually transmitted and passively received through all forms of media represents one of the largest sources of change that can influence the vibrational alignment of every human being and the earth itself.

The chronic stress of repeated exposure to upsetting headlines and news reports prime women and men to react more strongly to single stressful experiences. On the opposite spectrum, repeated exposure to pleasant and joyful experiences reduces stress levels and magnifies an intention of positivity at a profound level.

Whichever one makes you feel better is where you should place your focus, every morning, every day and every evening. It is a natural law of the universe...what you emit you will receive and it is this that which creates your reality, whether you perceive it as right or wrong, positive or negative, it is your unique reality and you have the choice on how to shape your experience every moment. So which path will you choose?


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