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April 15, 2013 by MICHAEL SCHECTER
Homeopathic Medicine For an Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Maintaining the balance of proper nutrition, exercise, stress control, and sufficient sleep will cultivate a vibrant, resilient body full of energy. However, disease can still rear its ugly head and require intervention. At such a juncture, lifestyle is no longer sufficient and physicians partner with the sick to regain optimal and ideal health. An easy and logical approach -- stay healthy, prevent disease, and strategically intervene for those inevitable hiccups along the path.

I feel comfortable discussing choices and concerns with both colleagues and patients. Nonetheless, following the birth of my nephews, I realized the responsibility of making decisions for someone else. My sister approached me with some questions. We chatted about the vaccine controversy, the risks and benefits of antibiotics, and the appropriate place for various modalities of medicine. At one point we leaned back and acknowledged that many concepts boiled down to opinion. To sift through each controversy, we re-visited our fundamental philosophies.

Early in my education, it became apparent that the current medical model did not fulfill my needs or answer my many questions. There is more to health than isolating the body into parts, diagnosing discrepancies, and treating those issues as separate entities. It must be recognized that people are micro-universes, cohesive organisms working in a symbiotic fashion. Practising dentistry, homeopathy, and reiki provides me with opportunity to delve even deeper, working with the delicate balance of spirit, soul, and body.

As a dentist, I recognize that procedures are invasive, potentially causing iatrogenic harm. Regardless, surgical intervention is required to combat structural disease.

Reiki produces beneficial effects by strengthening and normalizing certain vital energy fields held to exist within the body. Homeopathy adheres to the principles of classical medicine while emphasizing the importance of hygiene and lifestyle as a pre-requisite. The following principles help forge my treatment decisions:

Prevention: The highest mission of a physician is educating people to follow a lifestyle that is conducive to good health.

Primum non nocere: In spite of the best prevention, people will be affected by numerous influences and will fall sick. Any diagnostic or therapeutic intervention by the physician should not further harm the patient.

Tolle causam: The fundamental cause of sickness must be addressed. A physician should get to the root of the disease, not just treat the symptoms.

Vis Medicatrix naturae: It is neither the physician nor the treatment that heals but the vital force, prana or chi, within a living organism. Therefore, the physician must seek to encourage this innate process with the help of the various forces and influences of nature.

Nunquam pars pro toto: Never the part but always the whole; include the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and environmental aspects of each individual.


, the art of healing, is my treatment of choice to facilitate recovery from the great majority of acute and chronic problems. To my knowledge, it is the sole modality of treatment that adheres to all five principles of classical medicine. Homeopathy is a scientific method of treatment based on the application of the law of similars. For thousands of years, humankind searched for a method to enhance and restore health in the most predictable, efficient, gentle, and permanent way.

Saumuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician, pursued this philosophical and scientific quest by developing an ideal system of therapeutics. Homoios (similar) and pathos (disease) relates the administration of remedies in a potentized form. These potentized remedies, if delivered in a crude dose, would produce in healthy people symptoms similar to those of the disease state. In their potentized form, these remedies encourage the vital force to regain balance and stimulate the healing process. They are prescribed to encourage a healing response within the body in contrast to conventional pharmaceuticals which are generally given for their effects on the organism or person.

Homeopathy provides the opportunity to supplant dangerous chemicals and pharmaceuticals with harmless energetic potencies derived from natural sources devoid of all toxicity; harnessing a law of nature to predictably and accurately provide tangible results, and promote health. Different remedies can initiate different responses from specific tissues.

Homeopathic Calendula is associated with epithelial healing and Phosphorous is effective at controlling bleeding. In the past I was forced to choose between ferrous sulphate or the more toxic aluminum chloride to control bleeding in the oral cavity. But a little patience coupled with the right homeopathic remedy will often avoid the use of these chemicals. Calendula and Phosphorous can be beneficial during impression taking, extractions, or periodontal surgery.

In conventional dentistry, anxiety is often subdued with strong pharmaceuticals including benzodiazepams. But I now harness the relaxing capabilities of Reiki coupled with specific remedies for particular patients, with rather impressive results. A patient’s symptoms often point to Aconite, Gelsimium, or Nux Vomica. Homeopathic Aconite describes a dry mouth type of paralyzing apprehension prior to dental treatment. Gelsemium is a remedy for anticipation or apprehension, deep seated fear or fright with stomach ache and diarrhea. You often see trembling and weakness about the knees. Homeopathic Nux vomica is quite effective with children who are frightened and throw up in the office.

With homeopathy, healing time following wisdom tooth extraction or periodontal surgery is vastly reduced with far less discomfort. Arnica can be given before and after dental surgeries to help with bruising trauma to tissue and tooth pain after a filling. Ruta is effective with injuries to the bone and periosteum, so symptoms for prescription include post-operative surgery, deep bony impactions, and dry socket. Hypericum is used with injuries to areas rich in nerves, especially involving teeth, fingers, and the sacrum.

Patients sometimes come to my office in a state of pulpitis wherein the nerve is inflamed. This sign of infection or trauma can either lead to tooth necrosis, death, or return to health. To help the body recover, Arnica and Hypericum may be indicated. Other symptoms lead to Silica, associated with abscess drainage and healing after bone fracture. Traumatized or infected teeth, that were previously inflamed and required root canal treatment, can sometimes be restored to health with the right remedy.

While there is benefit to reducing antibiotics and pain medication, and stimulating healing and recovery, overcoming internal susceptibility and disharmony should remain the emphasis with homeopathy. Patients living with chronic diseases often benefit tremendously from homeopathy. This susceptibility to disease can be understood in the context of an oral complication of systemic disease such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease or more of an overall constitutional susceptibility to decay or periodontal disease. It should be understood that a healthy oral cavity is not just pertinent for pretty smiles and fresh breath. The mouth is an indicator for the body where imbalanced immune systems, toxicity, and infection often start. Research linking gum disease to heart disease and diabetes is accumulating. Inflammation initiated in the gums travels to all areas of the body.

Oral disease can be influenced by hygiene issues or as symptoms of greater systemic issues; diet, nutrition, pH, and oral hygiene must be evaluated, prioritized, reinforced, and improved. I utilize an all-natural alcohol and preservative free product line from The Dental Herb Company and The Natural Dentist including an anti-microbial mouth rinse, sub-gingival irrigant, and toothpaste. The toothpaste is free of sodium lauryl sulphate and fluoride. These products, available only through denstists, are effective and healthy methods of preserving ideal oral health when used with appropriate instruction.

Discussions with patients about the different controversies that permeate dentistry and the treatment choices they must make always draw from sound science and the principles of medicine. All of my patients receive a complete evaluation diagnosis and educated prognosis before commencement of treatment. As patients and consumers we must use our power to advance industries. Patient awareness has led my office to purchase digital x-ray equipment. I can now offer superior images for better diagnosing with 50 per cent less radiation exposure compared to conventional x-rays. Additionally, toxic waste from mercury fillings and the lead and chemicals from developing x-rays have been completely eliminated from the office.

I often direct my patients to for dental questions. Today’s, greatest asset is access to information which we should all make sure to use. As a health practitioner, I have been gradually and continuously evolving my personal philosophy towards healthy living. I place an emphasis on health as a pertinent issue not just for individual well-being but also for the continual viability of society and our planet; personal awareness of one's health can often be a lightning rod to enlightenment, a gradual appreciation towards appropriate prioritization.

Michael Schecter is a biological dentist practising in Toronto. His focus is on prevention and tooth replacement from a holistic perspective. Ozone therapy has become an integral component of his practice. He can be reached at, or visit Source: Vitality Magazine

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